Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Beware of Wombats & Other Vampires

You are surrounded by dangerous WOMBATS.
They’re everywhere. Sometimes they hide in plain sight, easy to spot. Other times they are well camouflaged, requiring heightened awareness to identify them. You need to stay alert, it’s important to avoid them.


  • WOMBATs resemble ordinary, productive tasks. However, they are vampires for time and resources, weapons of mass distraction.
  • WOMBATs are seductive. Working on a WOMBAT feels productive.
  • WOMBATs are bad for your career.
  • WOMBATs are bad for your business.
  • WOMBATs infiltrate your work day (and your personal time). Strike them down.
  • WOMBATs may be be ingrained in your company culture: “We’ve always done it that way…” 
  • WOMBAT Metamorphosis Alert: A task or project that was productive in the past can evolve into a WOMBAT in today's environment.
  • Your comfort zone is populated with WOMBATs. More on comfort zones, here.
  • Some people are WOMBATs in disguise. Stay away from them, they are vampire WOMBATs.
  • If you don’t control your WOMBATs, your WOMBATs will control you.
  • Identifying & exterminating WOMBATs is an essential career, management, and life skill. Eliminating WOMBATs is not easy, nor popular - WOMBATs can be quite likeable. You must be sensitive, yet firm. "No WOMBATs allowed."
  • I know people who create "not-to-do" lists, in essence a compilation of WOMBAT warnings. Creating this list is a WOMBAT.
  • A calendar can be a productivity tool. Maintaining an extensive to-do list is a WOMBAT. 
Peter Drucker said this about WOMBATs,
“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.”
WOMBAT: Waste of Money, Brains And Time
Wombats are short four-legged, muscular marsupials that are indigenous to Australia. Three to four feet in length, they weigh up to 100 pounds. Farmers, and savvy business managers, find them to be hazardous.

Randa Accessories - Australia, based in Melbourne, has a Wombat-Buster Squad (WBS) dedicated to the humane eradication of business WOMBATs. "Who you gonna call?" For troublesome Wombats, call Dene.

WOMBATs may start small and look harmless, even attractive.
Unless eliminated, WOMBATS grow and multiply.
WOMBATs will consume your resources.
Please, help your fellow associates: Share your WOMBAT stories. Comment on this post.
Of course, you should not spend a lot of time sharing your WOMBAT stories - that would be a WOMBAT.
(c) David J. Katz, 2016 - New York City