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Indiana Jones & The Great Awards Gala - Ra Ra

Volume 2 Blast RMM Alert | May 9, 2016

Randa Associate Recognition Award

"At this year’s RMM, our gala was – epic – held on the set of Disney’s Hollywood Studios “Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.” While we celebrated 2015, we also honored 10 outstanding associates with the Randa Associate Recognition Award – the RA RA." - John (Indiana Jones) Hastings, Randa EVP & CFO

This award was created several years ago to honor and thank associates for outstanding performance and contribution to Randa during the prior calendar year. 
There are several criteria for eligibility, including:
  • Performance Scores
  • Nominations from our management team
  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Productivity
  • Engagement

After recovering from a difficult year followed by a year of re-establishing trust and fortifying our leadership – We had an extraordinary number of associates who were eligible and nominated this year, which is a credit to all of our associates.
This year’s winners have achieved significant personal & professional goals, exceeding our highest expectations. We are proud to have these talented individuals lead Randa into our future. 
These winners will receive an engraved trophy commemorating their achievement as a symbol of our appreciation. In addition these winners will receive a Visa gift card and most importantly an invitation to next year's RMM.

Congratulations to Our Ra Ra Winners

And the winners are...

Anthony Otremba
From our Key Accounts division, Anthony Otremba had a fantastic year, delivering a 19% increase over sales plan. In particular, he accomplished a feat no prior sales associate had ever achieved: while collaborating closely with our forecasting & merchandising team, Anthony delivered an increase in our business with the Military  outposts - and not just any increase - a 23% increase.

His customers have incredible respect for him and his peers look forward to learning from him. He is a true professional and model Randa leader.
Zach Swed 
From our Neckwear & Jewelry division in New York,  Zach joined us through our intern program during the summer of 2013. He quickly immersed himself in the world of neckwear. He is a master of productivity and engagement. His mix of passion, proficiency and professionalism have earned the respect of his peers and our partners.

First in and usually the last out, Zach leads by personal example. He has a focus on continuing improvement, and is currently engaged in re-framing our process for off-price accounts.

Sonia Martinez
From our Belts & Furnishings division in Chicago, Sonia Martinez has over 25 years of experience with Randa. She supervises our belts and furnishings planning team, and has direct oversight of our largest belt supplier. She is relentless and focused in driving our suppliers to meet our delivery commitments, and identifies opportunities for cost savings.

In her free time, she works tirelessly as Office Support Manager at our Chicago office to ensure the office environment is comfortable and efficient for our associates, and even keeps us safe with CPR/AED training.
Alexa D'Amico
From our Luggage & Travel division in Bloomfield, Alexa D’Amico illustrates that leadership is an art…and a science. It requires intellect, insight and intuition. Alexa uses all three of these to create outstanding products. Her recent collection of Vince Camuto luggage is a shining example. As Louise Camuto herself said, “Alexa’s signature details from footwear and handbags are tastefully integrated into all silhouettes and the bags are as functional as they are beautiful.”

Kathy Nguyen
From Randa Logistics in NOLA , Kathy has over 27 years of experience at Randa. She started in 1988 as a neckwear labeler and was promoted to Quality Control supervisor. Kathy keeps our productivity high and metrics on target. She tracks and updates all inbound inspection audits in our NOLA distribution center, and issues and monitors QC alerts throughout the DC.

Kathy’s relentless hard work and attention to detail, saves us money, makes us more efficient and sets an example for our other leaders.
Patrick Derhammer
From our MCG division in Bloomfield, Patrick started as an MCG field representative in 2006, he was quickly promoted to Account Administrator and then to Account Manager….and then to Project Manager. He now plays a vital role in the day-to-day function of our field team and acts as primary liaison between MCG and our Randa NY, Chicago and Bloomfield account management teams. As all great leaders, Patrick has a unique understanding of the big picture, and the smallest details. He quickly identifies challenges and presents solutions.

Megan Clem
From our Finance & Accounting department in Chicago, Megan has worked for Randa the past two and a half years and has quietly become the driving force behind the transformation of our financial reporting. In 2015, Megan was instrumental in restating the financials for the new divisional structure down to the customer and brand level. She then took on the reporting for all licenses and quickly made an impact.  Doug Warrington from Dickie’s Canada asked David Chivers if he could borrow her to train all other licensees as she is the benchmark in providing efficient and accurate information.

She was also tasked with centralizing the budget exercise and key account recap reporting which were previously fragmented throughout the company. Lastly, Megan has become an expert in both the Diver data warehouse system and our new BI360 financial reporting system.

Yolanda Silva
From our Wallets & Seasonal team in Chicago, Yolanda excels in all areas of her Sourcing Coordinator role and willingly accepts additional areas of responsibility beyond her day to day job functions. She is always eager to learn about new programs and product categories, and she is constantly investigating new solutions and processes to increase her speed and overall efficiency of the tech pack process.

She has been a strong contributor to our Annual Gift Summit meetings and possesses tremendous command of the complex variations of our gift programs. Yolanda has demonstrated a real collaborative spirit working together with new team members in their training process. Also she has taken on both a lead and training role within our PLM system and our new ABS V14 system integration.

Kari Page Christiansen
From our Wallets & Seasonal team in New York, Kari is the powerful design force behind several of our highest profile small leather goods brands, including Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, Guess, and Kenneth Cole. She has the unique ability to balance the increasing demands of our licensors and deliver market right product on time and on trend. Kari has successfully solidified the Randa relationship with Tommy Hilfiger design team through improved calendar alignment. She mastered the challenges of material consolidation within the design process, and is a collaborative voice bringing together both merchandising and design to reduce SKU count.

She recently created the launch collection for small leather goods under the Kenneth Cole and Kenneth Cole Reaction labels as part of our new licensed product extension, and will be introduced at Macy’s this Fall to strengthen our position within their SLG department.
Tabitha Ueblacker
From our Creative Services team in New York, Tabitha maximizes all of our 6 for 16 initiatives. A key player within our Creative Services department, she is never afraid to try on a new hat or lead a new concept. She has elevated our intellectual property development with outstanding designs for our seasonal trend books and brand books, including the Randa Trend books and Ryan Seacrest Distinction brand bibles. Tabitha created our Countess Mara user-generated content campaign, and manages our social media and photographer outreach program. She simplifies our power points, measures and optimizes the success of our eBlasts, and engages with our omnichannel initiatives.

When asked to expand our brand presence for 12 Randa office entrance-ways, Tabitha was asked to complete the project in under 3 hours. She said, “Why so much time?” and delivered in two. Tabitha is “on time, on budget, and just plain “on.”

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