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Under Armour Takes Initiative in 3D Printing for Footwear

3D printing in the fashion and footwear industry has been a prevalent topic of discussion for many years. However, no one has stepped up and used the technology to manufacture a wearable pair of shoes. 
Under Armour has taken the initiative and created the first pair of shoes with 3-D soles that can be purchased. The 'Architech' is a performance shoe that stabilizes athletes during strength and weight training. The shoes retail at $300. 
Still, the shoe is only offered in a limited quantity and Under Armour says they are still a long way from mass production. There are many quirks with 3D printing that need to be worked out. For now, Under Armour plans on testing the waters with 96 pairs and seeing how the consumer reacts to them. 
Although 3D printing in footwear is not 100% here, Under Armour is definitely leaving it's footprint in the pathway of innovation and technology. 
This article is from Fast Company, 03/25/2016
Click here to read the full article.

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A Place to Get Inspired: Wynwood Miami

If you’re in Miami, Florida looking to explore, you must visit Wynwood.

The Wynwood Arts District was a neglected neighborhood of abandoned warehouses transformed into a cool creative community by embracing graffiti and street art. The windowless buildings were turned into giant canvases, now featuring some of the world’s greatest artists.

American Apparel to Offer Delivery Within an Hour

You've had a long work day, you have plans after work but something has happened to that outfit you thought would last you all day.  There's no time to go hunting for a last minute change of clothes. The question is not 'has this ever happened to you' but 'HOW many times has this happened to you'?  It seems only fitting to finally find an apparel store that provides a clothing delivery service within an hour without stepping one foot outside.

American Apparel is the first major retailer to partner with Postmates, a delivery app, to provide on-demand delivery of apparel basics within 60 minutes.  The service will be offered in 79 retail stores within 39 metropolitan areas with a selection 50 core items spanning from hoodies, t-shirts and socks.

It'll be interesting to see how customers take to this quick and easy service.  I'm more intrigued to see how other retailers might start incorporating this into their services and expanding upon this idea.  

Plus-Size Division for Men

The plus-size industry in fashion has always been controversial. But, finally, we’re at a time where more and more designer brands are starting to embrace it. Lane Bryant’s campaign “I’m No Angel” brought curvy plus-size women on billboards, magazines, commercials etc. Just this year, Ashley Graham has been reshaping the dialogue of fashion by becoming the first plus-size woman to grace the cover of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. So now that plus size women are included – should men be as well?
IMG Models seem to think so, by launching their first “plus-size” division and by starting it off with hiring Zach Miko, Target’s first male plus-size model.
"I want all men to know that they are attractive, and it is time to open up the conversation. We all want to feel and look great, and we all can. I can't wait for every brand to catch on and provide for us the clothes to show how we feel. I'm excited to be there every step of the way." - Zach Miko This isn’t just abou…

14 Robots Teach Themselves to Walk Into a Bar

Can robots be trained to pick up objects they've never seen before?  Recent research indicates that the best approach may be to allow robots to experiment on their own, and then share that knowledge with other robots.   How To Train Your Robot Until now, robots were programmed to recognize specific objects and to relate to those objects in a pre-programmed fashion. This is a good approach for predictable tasks, in planned locations, with previously experienced objects. In the real world, life is what happens while you’re making other plans. At Google, Sergey Levine and his team took fourteen robotic arms, networked them together, and used (CNN) convolutional neural networks to let these robots learn on their own how to pick up small objects including a cup, tape dispenser, and a toy dolphin.

Randa’s International Expansion Continues

Randa’s International Expansion ContinuesRanda, the world’s leading men’s accessories company, is moving its United Kingdom and Yangzhou, China offices into new, larger locations in support of business growth.

Randa’s London office, headquarters for the company’s UK business in neckwear, belts, wallets, and luggage, has moved into a 4,000 square foot space in Central London’s Capital House. The expanded London presence follows 2015 revenue increases of 15% in neckwear and belts and a 30% increase in luggage.

Randa’s global expansion continues with its new 60% larger Yangzhou, China office, one of six Randa facilities in China. The new office responsible for Randa’s seasonal footwear production provides for a better-located, technologically advanced space that maximizes increased efficiency, faster prototyping, enhanced sample presentations, and growing archives. Randa’s Seasonal Footwear business has climbed by 300% since launching in 2012.

See the full press release here

ED by Ellen is in the Shoe Business

Last week, I was going through my personal email and came across one from Nordstrom. The subject line read "ED Ellen Degeneres has landed." Ellen is one of my favorite celebrities, so of course I decided to check out her shoe collection. Her Spring '16 shoe line consists of mostly sneakers, a pair of slip-ons, and two pairs of sandals to start. Personally, I want to invest in the Chapala Sneaker for the spring. Not to mention, the price point isn't too bad either.

In my opinion, Ellen is an upcoming mogul. She has her own show, home products, clothing line, and now shoes. What's next on her roster?

Click here to read the article and to see her other shoe styles.

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Slim Is In: Six Brief Briefcases

"Hey, great suit!" is a nice compliment to get. But having somebody notice your briefcase (or your shoes), now that's an ego boost—accessories, after all, are the best way to express your individual style amid a sea of same-same (if well-cut) woolen uniforms. There is a downside to having a briefcase though: people will notice it. Purchase wisely.  For one, a briefcase is a daily companion as well as an investment piece, one that with proper care, will get better with age. And two, you don't want to look like your traveling salesman grandpa (assuming your grandpa was a traveling salesman; you get the point). In other words: this is work bag, not a weekender bag. Keep it tight. The latest generation of briefcases are sleek and small (about 15-inches wide) with room enough for your laptop and a small sheaf of documents, but not much else.

A Horse of a Different Color... and Pattern, in Tweed

Many relevant questions could be asked about a custom tweed suit for a horse, which, in this case, is a retired racehorse named Morestead. Someone dressed a horse in a designer tweed suit — so we asked Tim Gunn to weigh in... Magnificent photos of a horse in a bespoke suit, shirt, tie and flatcap were revealed Monday, and they quickly won Internet glory. The three-piece suit — billed as the “world’s first Harris Tweed suit designed specifically for a race horse” by the bookmaker that commissioned it ahead of a major racing event in England — was made by a former apprentice to the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen.
The ensemble took four weeks to finish and required nearly 20 yards of tweed shipped in from Scotland, according to William Hill, the betting firm. Designer Emma Sandham-King pronounced it “one of the biggest challenges that I have faced in my career.”

Even if You Can’t Afford Designer Clothes, Your Bitmoji Can

The actress Ashley Madekwe, left, in October wearing a Calvin Klein look featured in the Bitmoji app, center, and during the fall 2015 Calvin Klein show in New York, right.Left, Michael Kovac/Getty Images for ELLE; right, Nowfashion By STEVEN KURUTZMARCH 15, 2016  -  The New York Times Continue reading the main storyShare This Page

You wonder how fashion designers keep up: fall, spring, resort, cruise, couture, pre-fall. All this while trying to navigate the shifting sands of the industry. Soon designers may be tasked with creating yet another collection — for Bitmoji. Some already are.
Last fall, the popular app, which allows users to create a personalized emoji avatar, introduced runway looks to its virtual closet. Labels whose clothes were made available free through partnerships with Bergdorf Goodman and W magazine included Michael Kors, Zac Posen, Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein and Diane von Furstenberg. Women can buy a wrap dress and outfit their pixilated selves in the same one…

The Bento Watch - Best Way to Know When It's Time to Eat

Edible Tech: The Bento Watch comes loaded with a diminutive chef-prepared meal, complete with microscopic vegetables chopped with precision by a plastic surgeon. 

Randa Canada - Feats and Feets

In 2014, Randa Canada launched slippers in just one retailer. In the short time since, the team has performed some seasonal footwear feats. Business has burgeoned into four retailers: Hudson’s Bay, Sears, London Drugs, and Winners under six brands, Wembley, Weatherproof, 32Heat, Reward, Realtree, and the private label Hudson North. When Hudson's Bay moved their slipper program into private label this year, they chose Randa over footwear vendors based on great product and our strong partnership. Great footsteps to follow.

Bionic Fingertips & Self-Healing Artificial Skin

Ten years ago, Dennis Aabo Sorensen had his hand amputated, after a severe fireworks injury. Last week he became the first person to “feel” smooth versus rough textures using a bionic fingertip. The bionic fingertip was surgically attached directly to Sorenson’s nervous system. “The stimulation felt almost like what I would feel with my hand,” says Sørensen. “I felt the texture sensations at the tip of the index finger of my phantom hand.” "I could feel things that I hadn't been able to feel in over nine years."

Tommy Hilfiger Passcase Wallet - A demo to remember

Tommy Hilfiger Mens Ranger Passcase Wallet Randa Omnichannel continues to drive customer engagement with online video and increase conversions (that's sales in online speak.) Check out what they did here to show off this wallet, even presenting the packaging in a special light. Your in-store demo never looked this good.

Randa Accessories is on Snapchat

Randa is the leader in men's accessories and leaders in all aspects of design, marketing, branding and fashion. New social media platforms are emerging every day and it is important that Randa engage the communication needs and choices of every consumer.

Creating a Snapchat account is just one of the many ways we are staying connected with our consumers. Our Snapchat, RandaUpdates, will provide live 24/7 trend information gathered by our global fashion team as we travel across the world, trade shows, comparative shopping, and developments from inside our offices.

Join Snapchat and add us by our username RandaUpdates or by snapping the code below. 

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'Athleisure' Is Lighting Up Lackluster Clothing Sales

Athletic apparel sits on display inside a Lululemon Athletica Inc. store. Photographer: Xaume Olleros/Bloomberg While Fendi may have eschewed athleisure in its latest collection, it is one of the few companies to ignore the trend. In fact, athleisure has become such an unstoppable phenomenon that it will be added to the dictionary sometime early this year. According to The New York Times, Merriam-Webster will define “athleisure” as “casual clothing designed to be worn for both exercising and for general use.” It is this very definition that makes athleisure such an adoptable trend. It appeals to a wide variety of consumers because it is applicable for almost every situation: going to the gym, grabbing coffee or brunch with friends, running errands and even working in the office.
More flexible dress codes and increased emphasis on staying in shape have contributed greatly to the wide adoption of athleisure. With the rise of the health- and tech-conscious millennial, “consumers are prio…

Improve, Implant or Erase Memories

Breaking News:“Scientists believe they may have taken the first steps towards making 'Matrix-style' instant learning a reality. A team of researchers from HRL Laboratories in California conducted experiments in which they studied the brain signals of trained pilots and attempted to 'transplant' them into the brains of beginners who were using a flight simulator. The technique is similar to that seen in 1999's The Matrix, in which the protagonist, Neo, learns Kung Fu in a matter of seconds after the knowledge is uploaded directly into his brain.” - The Independent, UK -  Scientists develop Matrix-style technology capable of 'uploading knowledge' to your brain.

The Hoodie: From Rocky to Zuckerberg to Kanye to Trayvon

"Rocky Balboa, Mark Zuckerberg, Trayvon Martin, broadway or runway. $15 or $1,500. Function vs Fashion vs Politics. The hoodie is a comfort, a staple and a statement." - David J. KatzThe Politics of the Hoodie - New York Times

The Rise of the High-End Hoodie - Wall Street Journal

Mr. Porter

20 Ways to Wear a Hoodie

It’s Discounted, but Is It a Deal? How List Prices Lost Their Meaning

SAN FRANCISCO — As traditional retailing falters, shutting stores and shedding workers, online merchants are reaping the rewards. People like the convenience of e-commerce, and they love the feeling that they are getting a deal.
The perception of a bargain is fostered by online retailers’ use of something variously labeled list price, suggested price, reference price or manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Whatever its name, the implication is that people are paying much more somewhere else.

It's a Window Cleaner. It's a Luxury Fragrance. It's Fresh.

Runway meets Safeway, for Moschino, with their latest luxury fragrance entitled, “Fresh.” The new packaging is flagrantly, and fragrantly, derivative of a bottle of household window cleaner. Interestingly the spray top is decorative and non-functioning, acting only as a simple lid, covering the actual perfume atomizer.

Designers: Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs

Designers: Robots Are Coming For Your Jobs Computers will eventually take our jobs. At least that’s what we’re being told. Machines have been replacing workers for centuries, and intelligent robots will only accelerate this trend. Autonomous vehicles will strand taxi drivers, news filing software will write journalists out of the story, and surgical robots will excise doctors.
Designers are supposed to be different. Those of us who fashion clothes, model new products, and shape the world to conform to our sensibilities consider ourselves too creative for any machine to replace. Many of us are convinced that we are unique, our skills irreplaceable. This is not entirely true. Advances in artificial intelligence will usher in a new regime of hyper-personalized designs and tools, a trend with which human designers cannot possibly hope to keep pace. Computers will prove to be far more creative—fearlessly creative—than most humans. Designers are in for a period of radical change and must l…

Will Deliver? Crowdsourced retail delivery on the move.

DELIV IS CROWDSOURCED, SAME-DAY DELIVERYDeliv bridges the last mile gap between retailers and customers. This new delivery option is easily added into existing ecommerce site or in store checkout and gives shoppers more — a great deal more — choice and convenience. Deliv enables the ultimate customer experience. Items when you want them. Where you want them.

A.I. Likes to Read Books, Prefers Fiction.

How do you teach robots, or artificial intelligence, to organically navigate the world around them?  
The standard model of robot training has been to provide your robot with specific sets of manual, pre-programmed, “IF/THEN” instructions (IF you hit a wall, THEN stop and turn around) followed by limited “STIMULUS / RESPONSE” experiences (set your robot loose in a room and let it learn). That’s not how we teach our children to learn.   Human children learn much from their early reading, most of which is fictional storytelling.  From Dr. Seuss’ One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, and similar early books, children learn to count, identify colors, the concepts of objects (nouns) and actions (verbs). Later reading, from young adult to sophisticated literature, informs complex behaviors, expectations, life lessons and even moral codes. Fiction provides a wider range of content, context and emotional depictions than most direct, non-fictional, observations.  Researchers at Stanford are…