Monday, September 14, 2015

Randa Interns - Summer 2105

Each summer Randa offers a 10-week paid internship program in New York City, Chicago, and Bloomfield NJ. Coming to other Randa offices soon.

Internships include rotating management presentations, networking events, breakfast with the boss, and other features.

Here is our new Intern video, available on (careers), Vimeo, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Randa University - Class of September 2015

Woo Hoo.  Another graduating class from Randa U. Logistics.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fashion companies are desperate for wearables...

Fashion companies are desperate for wearables to happen. The question is: Will they — and when?

After all the hubbub about them last year, the fact is that wearables still remain relegated mainly to smartwatches and activity trackers, with a growing number of handbags, bracelets and rings that double as accessories with notification devices or smartphone chargers. Except in highly specific-use cases — like doctors wearing Google Glass during procedures or athletes donning smart clothing to track performance — wearables right now are shaping up to be a head fake.

Wearables were the great hopes for a booming new business after Diane von Furstenberg partnered with Google to have the tech giant’s Glass debut during her spring 2013 runway show. But that was three years ago, and despite designer collaborations and efforts to build a corresponding range of optical and sunglass frames for the product, the $1,500 smart glasses amounted to little more than a runway stunt with fashion culture vultures and billionaire tech nerds basking in each other’s reflective, zeitgeisty glow. Consumer production of the device ceased earlier this year.

The problem is that the industry hasn’t quite figured out exactly what a “wearable” is. Some define it as a connected device that’s little more than an extension of a smartphone; others think the category remains at least a decade away from reaching critical mass. Those in the latter group are betting on smart apparel — clothes that sense if the wearer is cold and promptly heat them up (and vice versa) or fibers that have medicinal, healing benefits.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Zac Posen partners with Google


Zac Posen partners with Google to show NYC fashion week's first-ever LED dress

NEW YORK — In a packed auditorium at Industria Superstudio on Tuesday morning, Zac Posen showcased his Zac by Zac Posen diffusion line as the first major show to kick off New York Fashion Week. Posen's final look was unlike anything in any of his past shows — and it dazzled the runway. The one-of-a-kind LED gown literally lit up the catwalk, with lights sparkling under its sheath. 

The gown was created with LED segments that light up in different patterns, which Posen said was inspired by "Los Angeles after dark." The designer created the dress with the help of  Maddy Maxey a fashion engineer and mentor at Made with Code, a Google-backed initiative. It was designed with a circuit infused into the textile to showcase different animations. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

20,000 Homeless Children Start School with Backpacks and Supplies

Randa Accessories is proud to support the New York Chapter of the Volunteers of America with Operation Backpack.

Randa supplied more than product and funding, this year the world's largest men's accessories company supplied the hearts, minds and hands of many of our NY and NJ region associates to help sort, pack and prep backpacks filled with school supplies.

Nearly 23,000 children live in NYC’s homeless and domestic violence shelters. 

One of the most devastating consequences of homelessness is the impact it has on a child's education. 

Each year since 2001, Volunteers of America-Greater New York has been distributing new backpacks filled with grade-specific school supplies to homeless children throughout New York City.