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Alien Corporate Life Forms – They Come in Peace

Then again, they may not.

Should you inoculate your company from external contaminants?
I am entranced by this week’s breaking news that the space ship Rosetta, launched more than ten years ago, has caught up with its prey, the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko, affectionately known as 67P.  The companions are now travelling in tandem at 34,000 miles per hour, 250 million miles from Earth, headed toward a close call with the Sun in 2015.

Rosetta’s mission is to study, probe, and even land upon, 67P; therein unlocking the answers to some great cosmic questions.
One question that will be studied is the origin of water on Earth.  Our early planet was too hot for water to have developed by known organic chemical process, the concept of atmospheric humidity from our cooling planet and volcanic activity may not hold water (small pun), and some scientists suggest that ice-bearing comets may have brought water to Earth. Along with the water may be the early ingredients of life; a concept that leads to the theory that life on Earth may have come from outer space.
Odd duck that I am, this thought leads me to three questions: If constant hits by comets delivered the oceans to earth, could your company’s culture and core competencies be the result of a stream of cosmic hits from new hires, rather than indigenous strategic initiatives?  If so, can you determine if those additions will be accretive or destructive? Finally, can great hiring and talent development nurture healthy and evolving eco-systems while inoculating against harmful contaminants?
Take me to your leader!

David J. Katz - August 10, 2014 - New York City

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