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Ignore the Baby Boomers at Your Own Peril

Boomers aren’t done. We’re living longer and we’re living healthier, and the Boomer population growth rate isn’t going to peak until 2026. The Millennials are not going to grow in numbers...

Flying Delivery Robots - Google to You in Two Minutes

This may sound crazy. This may be crazy. But Google is getting serious about sending packages flying through the air on tiny drones. And this is how that happened.

Google Delivery Drone A zipping comes across the sky.
A man named Neil Parfitt is standing in a field on a cattle ranch outside Warwick, Australia. A white vehicle appears above the trees, a tiny plane a bit bigger than a seagull. It glides towards Parfitt, pitches upwards to a vertical position, and hovers near him, a couple hundred feet in the air. From its belly, a package comes tumbling downward, connected by a thin line to the vehicle itself. Right before the delivery hits the ground, it slows, hitting the earth with a tap. The delivery slows, almost imperceptibly, just before it hits the ground, hardly kicking up any dust. A small rectangular module on the end of the line detaches the payload, and ascends back up the vehicle, locking into place beneath the nose. As the wing returns to flying posture and zips back to it…

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - David J. Katz

Richard Carroll, David Katz (seated), Pierina Lametta
DJK ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from Randa Creative on Vimeo.

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

Nine years and 19 million YouTube views later, Steve Jobs's commencement address to Stanford University's graduating class of 2005 has achieved iconic status. Jobs, the Apple visionary who died in 2011 at age 56, delivered a speech that resonated far beyond the Stanford audience, with a masterful mix of personal anecdotes, sparks of insight and universally applicable pieces of wisdom. Each year, especially around graduation season, people discover and rediscover Jobs's speech and its messages for those who seek meaning and purpose in life and at work. - Carolyn Gregoire Note that Steve Jobs originally asked Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin to write this speech: Sorkin was not available.  - DJK Full text of Steve Jobs' commencement address to Stanford University 2005
"I am honored to be with you today at your commencement from one of the finest universities in the world. I never graduated from college. Truth be told, this is the closest I've ever gotten to a college gradu…

Fashion Data Mining - Predictive or Prescriptive?

Our fashion world continues to embrace "big data" as salvation from "fickle" consumer preference and shopping behavior. As this obsession with "hard facts" tackles trend forecasting will trend data from point-of-sale analytics and social media engagement be predictive or prescriptive? The Science vs. Art debate continues: from computers that create music and fine art painting, to data analytics predicting tomorrow's "it" fashion. Caveat Venditor: Let the Seller Beware... 

- David J. Katz - August 17, 2104 - New York City

Good branding is expensive. Great branding can't be bought.

Brand is one of those perfectly good words that has picked up a lot of baggage over the past decade. At one point, it simply meant the label used to signify a product. Chiquita bananas. Ford cars. Coca-Cola. Now we talk about personal brands, political brands and brand management. And even though the conversation around brand has become bloated with jargon and gobbledygook, its importance can't be oversold. Marketing guru Seth Godin defines brand as "the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer's decision to choose one product or service over another."

The Slim Suit - Where Sex and Power Converge

President Barack Obama | Source: Max Herman/ShutterstockSlim enough?
In menswear, sex and power have been converging, evidenced by the mainstream adoption of the kind of slim suiting pioneered by Hedi Slimane and Thom Browne, says Cameron Wolf.

Who Wants to Dress Like Ryan Seacrest? A Lot of People, Presumably

Photo: Seacrest wearing Ryan Seacrest Distinction.
Photograph by Christopher Anderson/Magnum Photos/New York Magazine.  

"Randa first approached Seacrest a year ago, after observing that there hadn’t been a successful launch of a new mainstream menswear brand in 15 years and concluding that Seacrest would be an ideal vehicle: He had a high Q score, a stable and diversified sort of fame, and an un-fickle, dressed-up sense of style..."

How to Re-wire Your Brain For the 21st Century

More than a century ago, Sigmund Freud wrote the "Psychopathology of Everyday Life." Over two decades ago, Donald Norman published the "Psychology of Everyday Things." Three years ago, David Myers called a new edition of his textbook "Psychology in Everyday Life." The word "everyday" has a special appeal in such titles, since so many psychology books, especially of the self-help variety, are written for the self with major problems to contend with—love, illness, grief, identity, conflict—leaving the small tasks of mundane functioning to common sense, or perhaps to business writers who purvey "habits" and "disciplines."

The 411 on Men's Jewelry

The great friendship-bracelet revival came and went, but man's desire to wrap up his wrists isn't going anywhere. From tougher cuffs to vintage metal, the new breed of hardware is less spring break in Cancún, more long weekend in Paris. The first rule? Not everything on your wrist has to tick

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Remember Stores?

Alien Corporate Life Forms – They Come in Peace

Then again, they may not.
Should you inoculate your company from external contaminants?
I am entranced by this week’s breaking news that the space ship Rosetta, launched more than ten years ago, has caught up with its prey, the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko, affectionately known as 67P.  The companions are now travelling in tandem at 34,000 miles per hour, 250 million miles from Earth, headed toward a close call with the Sun in 2015.

Rosetta’s mission is to study, probe, and even land upon, 67P; therein unlocking the answers to some great cosmic questions. One question that will be studied is the origin of water on Earth.  Our early planet was too hot for water to have developed by known organic chemical process, the concept of atmospheric humidity from our cooling planet and volcanic activity may not hold water (small pun), and some scientists suggest that ice-bearing comets may have brought water to Earth. Along with the water may be the early ingredients of life; a concept that leads to …

Randa Launches Ryan Seacrest at Macy's

Macy's believes Ryan Seacrest moves the needle when it comes to mainstream fashion.

That’s the reason the department store is throwing its marketing muscle behind the September launch of Ryan Seacrest Distinction, a new exclusive collection of tailored clothing and furnishings spearheaded by Randa Accessories and including product from Peerless Clothing and PVH.

Nordstrom's Trunk Show - Omnichannel Hard At Work

Purchase of the men’s personalized shopping website is the brick-and-mortar retailer’s latest digital shopping investment.

Nordstrom has confirmed a deal for Trunk Club, a personalized clothing shopping website aimed at men that represents the 113-year old retailer’s latest investment in e-commerce.

If You’re Always Working, You’re Never Working Well

In early April a series of reports appeared online in the United States and the United Kingdom lamenting the “lazy French.”  A new labor law in France had apparently banned organizations from e-mailing their employees after 6 p.m. In fact, it turned out to be more a case of “lazy journalists” than “lazy French”: as The Economist explained, the “law” was not a law at all but a labor agreement aimed at improving health among a specific group of professionals, and there wasn’t even a hard curfew for digital communication.
Like all myths, however, this one revealed a set of abiding values subscribed to by the folk who perpetuated it. Brits and Americans have long suspected that the French (and others) are goofing off while they — the good corporate soldiers — continue to toil away.  They’re proud about it too. A Gallup poll, released in May, found that most U.S. workers see their constant connection with officemates as a positive.  In the age of the smartphone, there’s no such thing as “…

What Do You Get When You Cross Michael Kors with Danny Meyer?

At Lunch With Michael Kors and Danny Meyer
The designer Michael Kors, right and Danny Meyer at the Modern, one of Mr. Meyer’s places. Have they built empires or collections? 
Michael Kors and Danny Meyer looked a little rattled when told, at the beginning of their recent lunch, that they had been paired up because they had each built empires — one in fashion and the other in restaurants — through persistence and hard work.
“Empire?” Mr. Kors said in disbelief. “It’s like that ‘icon’ word everyone throws around these days.” Mr. Meyer suggested an alternative.
“I like ‘collection,’ ” he said. “There’s a grabby quality to ‘empire,’ and it’s usually at someone else’s expense. That’s not what we do.”