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Shared Labor & The New New Economy - Instacart

Grocery Deliveries in Sharing Economy
This article is an interesting pairing with our prior posting regarding Shyp, Click & Ship.  The model for third-party services, shipping and shopping is undergoing fundamental change, and this change is accelerating and obviating currently successful business models.  DJK
When you buy groceries from Instacart, the company summons a green-shirted “personal shopper” through its smartphone app to pick up your items from a grocery store and deliver them to you. Credit Peter DaSilva for The New York Times
“I hope you realize that you are about to witness a remarkable display in ineptitude,” the technology investor Michael J. Moritz said as he entered a Whole Foods store in San Francisco one recent afternoon.
Mr. Moritz, the chairman of the venture capital firm Sequoia Capital and a recipient of a British knighthood last year, was wearing a bright green T-shirt bearing a logo for Instacart, a two-year-old grocery delivery start-up that Sequoia has…

Shyp Shape - Click & Ship

We've seen deliveries by drone (Lakemaid Beer and, deliveries by Uber courier, same day delivery from stores including Macy's, delivery by 3-D Printer, and now this... DJK
Painless Shipping In a Few Easy Steps
Shyp, a new service operating in San Francisco, promises to take care of all the logistics involved in sending off packages, with the help of an app and couriers who patrol the city on bikes and in cars.

PACKAGING and shipping an item isn’t the worst task in the world, but it isn’t exactly fun, either.

Say you’re sending a gift to your grandmother. First, you have to find a box. Then you need tape, one of those household items that is almost never where you thought you’d put it. You might also need to weigh and measure the box, and research which shipper fits your budget and delivery preferences. Then you either have to go to the web to order a shipping label or hurry over to the post office to wait in line.

Formally, Blue Is the New Black

No longer is black necessarily the color of choice for tuxedos.  New York Times, Stylist: Courtney Jo Barnes

Hoverbike - Available 2017

That most long-awaited form of transport may finally be arriving with California-based Aerofex announcing that it'll be launching its Aero-X hoverbike in 2017 at an estimated price of US$85,000.

Augmented Reality - Is Real


How to Rewire Your Brain for Success

The latest neuroscience suggests you can literally "edit" your memory. Here's what this big breakthrough means for you.
The most recent edition of The New Yorker magazine contains an article about neuroscientists who study the way the brain retrieves memories. What they've found out is probably the most important breakthrough of all time in the field of success training.

Are French Cuffs Worth All the Bother?

Michael Hoeweler

Key Chains: Functional Toys for Grown-Up Boys

SOME GUYS never get over their first rabbit's foot key chain. And who can blame them for holding the boyish trinkets dear to their hearts.
Key chains are one of the few character-exhibiting accents men can wield on a daily basis. Though the talismans are often tucked away in a pocket, when pulled out and tossed onto a bar, they can make for some revealing conversation pieces. The longer they chink-a-chink around, the more sentimental value they acquire. Oh, and they're just plain fun.
Clockwise from top left: Burger Needlepoint Key Fob, $38,; Sports Car Key Ring, $68,; Double Golf Club Key Ring, $300, Asprey, 212-688-1811; Bulldog Steel Key Fob, $360,; Arrowhead Brass Key Chain, $75,

Let's Go Fly a Drone: The Best Vacation Pics Come From Above

The footage you can capture with one of these remote-controlled aerial vehicles will blow any other vacation slide show away. Personal Tech Columnist Geoffrey Fowler shows you three unique shots you can only get with your own flying photo drone.

The Eyes Have It - Eye Contact & Packaging

Psst. Look Over Here.

Look inside your kitchen cabinet and odds are you have a collection of old friends gazing back at you — the Quaker Oats man, the Sun-Maid girl, Aunt Jemima and maybe a Keebler elf or two. The reason they are there may have more do with your subconscious craving for eye contact than the taste of the products.
In a study published last month in the journal Environment and Behavior, researchers at Cornell University manipulated the gaze of the cartoon rabbit on Trix cereal boxes and found that adult subjects were more likely to choose Trix over competing brands if the rabbit was looking at them rather than away. In a creepy corollary, the researchers found that the eyes of characters on boxes of cereal marketed to kids were directed downward, and can meet the upward gaze of children in grocery store aisles.

Randa New Growth Structure

Randa Announces New Growth Structure FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New York, NY (May 13, 2014) –Over the past year Randa has announced several large growth initiatives. Among these are their new, and much enlarged, offices and presentation spaces at 417 Fifth Avenue in New York City; a $25 million investment in infrastructure; new expanded facilities in Toronto, Canada, and Como, Italy; and a custom-built, LEED-certified, 535,000 square foot distribution center in Reno, Nevada.

At their annual managers meeting on May 7th held this year in New Orleans, Randa announced a re-alignment of divisions and resource structure.  The structure is designed to continue, support and catalyze exponential growth.

Randa created four new product divisions:  "Belts & Furnishings,” “Wallets & Seasonal,” “Neckwear & Jewelry,” and “Luggage & Travel.”  Additionally, Randa created a new “Key Accounts” division.

“The world, and our marketplace, is changing at an accelerated rate,” states Jeffrey Spie…