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25 Creative Packaging Ideas

We often consider the products we use and their packaging to be two separate things – the product is the thing we want, and its packaging is a piece of trash to be thrown away. These 30 ingenious packaging designs, however, prove that a well-designed package can complement or even enhance the product it was designed to carry.

Good design isn’t just about the product – it’s about good packaging as well. The honey pots are an excellent example of packaging design. The hexagon shape is perfect for representing what’s inside the jar, and it can be stacked to form a honeycomb pattern. And the hexagonal cap doubles as a honey dipper as well. A jar like that complements its product and makes it more of a pleasure to use (as if using honey could get any better).

Some of the other packaging, while not exactly useful, is still helpful and stylish. The Note headphones’ packaging serves to give them a strong association to music, while the tea hangers or Kiss juice boxes make their products just …

Definitive Guide to NYC Burgers

For a city that has such clearly defined and cherished food forms as hot dogs, pizza, and steak, New York City does not have a single, dominant burger style. While some of the nation's oldest and most storied hamburgers are sold here — such as those at'21' ClubP.J. Clarke'sBurger HeavenCorner Bistro, and Peter Luger Steakhouse — there is little commonality between them. They evolved separately, rather than as part of a larger, cohesive movement. By comparison, the burgers that proliferate in Southern California, for example, tend to share a common architecture and flavor profile, representing a distinct style. New York City has numerous disparate styles. Some of them were developed here, but many were adopted from other regions. This has something to do with geography and the fact that the hamburger found its periods of greatest growth and solidification in the decades following World War II. Here's a look back at the rich history of New York City hamburgers…

The Origins of Buzz Words, and Some Favorites

The Origins of Office Speak
“Here’s your ‘buzzword bingo’ card for the meeting,” Wally says to Dilbert, handing him a piece of paper. “If the boss uses a buzzword on your card, you check it off. The objective is to fill a row.” They go to the meeting, where their pointy-haired boss presides. “You’re all very attentive today,” he observes. “My proactive leadership must be working!” “Bingo, sir,” says Wally.
This 1994 comic strip by Scott Adams is a perfect caricature of office speak: An oblivious, slightly evil-seeming manager spews conceptual, meaningless words while employees roll their eyes. Yet, even the most cynical cubicle farmers are fluent in buzzwords. An email might be full of calisthenics, with offers to “reach out,” “run it up the flagpole,” and “circle back.” There are nature metaphors like “boil the ocean” and “streamline,” and food-inspired phrases like “soup to nuts” and “low-hanging fruit.” For the fiercest of office workers, there’s always the violent imagery of “pai…

5 Umbrellas That Sing In The Rain

Five Umbrellas Worth Hanging OntoApr 15th, 2014 | Categories: AccessoriesJake Gallagher | by Jake Gallagher - A Continuous Lean

There’s been so much talk about this year’s endless winter that it almost seems cruel to discuss the weather at this point, and yet as we finally begin to thaw out from this infinite freeze, we also enter into Spring’s inevitable rainy season. Without the escape brought by a car, life in the city during the rainy months requires preparation and advance planning not accustom to most men. It also offers the opportunity to a stylish and useful tool like the umbrella. We’ll leave it to The Wirecutter to obsess over price and function, and we’ll focus our efforts on style.

Virtual Sunglasses Hangout at the Hut

Four Ways That Google Has an Eye on the Future - DJK

1) Sunglass Hut Launching Partnership With Google
VIRTUAL MAKEOVER: Sunglass Hut is breaking digital ground. Today, the retailer launched a new partnership with Google in which it will offer its customers a try-on experience via Google+ Hangouts. It is the first retailer to tap into the online platform in this way.

“I wanted Sunglass Hut to offer a new online shopping experience where people could interact while trying on sunglasses together,” said Fabio d’Angelantonio, the retailer’s president and chief marketing officer at Luxottica. The initiative ties into Sunglass Hut’s “Wow Mom” Mother’s Day campaign launched last month, which features global brand ambassador Georgia May Jagger and her mother, Jerry Hall. The two appear in an entertaining instructional video that demonstrates the new try-on experience.

D’Angelantonio said, “Now you can call your mom, wish …

5th Avenue is 1st Choice: High to Low

Fifth Avenue’s retail tapestry is undergoing another swirl of change, as incoming luxury and fast-fashion flagships push rents to record levels, stretch the shopping appeal south and foment a dichotomy of clientele and commerce.

And with the likes of H&M, Zara, Uniqlo and Topshop bumping up against Gucci, Saks, Armani and Prada, and Valentino and Polo stores in the pipeline, the conversation about what’s right or wrong for the avenue—if throwaway fashion coordinates with designer extravagance—is spiraling.

Tie Meets Shirt - A Perfect Match

Shirt, Meet Tie Some men have terrible taste in shirts and ties – a quick glance around your work place will confirm it. For those unfortunate enough to be confined to suits for the majority of their working week, fashion has to take a back seat. Corporate suits can often be mind-numbingly dull and the sea of miserable faces trudging to work every morning is, to my mind, a mix of both work-based hatred and the realisation that they really don’t know how to match up their shirts and ties. Getting creative with your shirt and tie combinations is one of the best ways to showcase your love of fashion and style within a formal environment, but they’re extremely easy to get wrong. After all, colours and patterns can be confusing individually, but when you start mixing them together, all hell can break loose. With this in mind, today we bring you our basic guide to men’s shirt and tie pairings… [Disclosure: Randa Accessories is the world's largest privately-held neckwear company, and the…

Real Virtual Reality. Fasten Your Seat Belt.

The news that Facebook paid $2 billion for a virtual reality start-up, Oculus VR, might strike you as a bit zany. Like flying cars and robotic maids, the idea of donning a pair of computerized glasses and slipping into a digital world feels like a snapshot from yesterday’s future.

Is something so self-consciously geeky really worth billions of dollars? What would a nontechie nongamer do with virtual reality?

Getting Pinned - 2014 Style

Dry, Wet, NeverWet - Materials Innovation

NeverWet - The spray.
The product is NeverWet, and promises that when sprayed on any item, the object would be immune to water and other liquids.

It pretty much does exactly what it promises; spray the coating on cloth, metal, wood, and the item becomes impervious to water and other liquids. Demonstrations show chocolate syrup over a white canvas shoe and the syrup slides off the surface, leaving the shoe unstained. Inventor Andy Jones, president of "Nano Technology" - "I sprayed my iPhone with NeverWet, submerged it in a foot of water for 30 minutes, took it out and it was good to go."  
The only problem was that you couldn't buy it.  Until now. - DJK

The New, Old, Sort of, Normal

The New NormalNormcore: Fashion Movement or Massive In-Joke?
By ALEX WILLIAMSAPRIL 2, 2014 Photo Calling these clothing items part of a trend or an inside joke misses the point.embrace of bland, suburban anti-fashion attire. (See Jeans, mom. Sneakers, white.)
Normcore (noun)  1. A fashion movement, c. 2014, in which scruffy young urbanites swear off the tired street-style clich├ęs of the last decade — skinny jeans, wallet chains, flannel shirts — in favor of a less-ironic (but still pretty ironic) embrace of bland, suburban anti-fashion attire. (See Jeans, mom. Sneakers, white.) 2. A sociocultural concept, c. 2013, having nothing to do with fashion, that concerns hipster types learning to get over themselves, sometimes even enough to enjoy mainstream pleasures like football along with the rest of the crowd. 3. An Internet meme that turned into a massive in-joke that the news media keeps falling for. (See below).

3-D Tattoos