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Annotated Guide To Men's Belts

Men's Alternative Belt Measurement - Two Length Sizing
Formal Belts

Your formal belt – the one you’ll wear with tailored trousers and suits, and nothing else – should be completely understated.

It will be 2.5 – 3.5cm wide, made of fine leather and come in brown, black or another subtle colour. You want your formal belt to discreetly finish off your outfit and play a supporting role to whatever you’re wearing, never steal the show.

Formal attire is all about advertising yourself. For this reason, a silly distraction (such as a ‘quirky’ belt) may quickly turn you into an undesirable ‘product’. Make sure your belt and shoes match and stay away from loud buckles.

The strap can have a subtle pattern, such as a fine weave, leather grain or patent finish, but that’s it. Leave contrasting stitching for your casual belts.

Extra advice: for increased wardrobe versatility, pick your favourite metal finish (gold or silver) and stick with it throughout your hardware selection, including jewellery and watches.

Randa produces many belts with interchangeable buckles and straps; you could purchase a brown belt with both gold and silver buckles, or a silver buckle with both black and brown straps.  Many of our formal buckles have straps that can be monogrammed.  See for examples.
Formal Belts Lookbook Inspiration
Men's Formal Belt Outfit Inspiration LookbookNice ties; did I mention that Randa is the largest privately-held producer of neckwear in the world?  We are.  And... bow ties are trending WAY up.  DJK
Casual Belts

You can express your personality and be more experimental with your casual belt.

The width range is undetermined, but there are some general guidelines to adhere to. For instance, thin belts (width ranging between 1.5 and 2.2cm) are suitable for skinny jeans only, whereas wider styles can be worn with any casual trousers including chinos, jeans, cargo pants and shorts.

This is what you should be considering when it comes to purchasing your new belt:
Buckle or Strap? Either part can be unusual, eccentric or loud, but never both at the same time.

You don’t need to match it with anything. In fact, try to avoid matchy-matchy shoe and belt combinations – they can appear contrived – and stay away from conflicting branding.

If your jeans have a branded leather tag on the waistband, your belt should cover it.

Anything wider than 4cm requires the following questions: will this pass through the loops on my trousers? And “is this really a good idea?”

Woven leather, fabric webbing, studded, embroidered, tooled leather, exotic skins, printed straps… the options available on the current market are so varied, you have no excuse to wear your formal belts with a casual look. It just doesn’t work.
Casual Belt Lookbook Inspiration
Men's Casual Belt Outfit Inspiration Lookbook

5 Must-Own Belts

If you’re starting your new and improved belt collection from scratch and need help drawing a plan for it, check out below the essentials:

1) A formal, black or brown belt, to go with your formal shoes (it isn’t difficult to find a double-sided style that features both colours): Randa sells many "reversible" belts.
  • REISS DANTON FORMAL SUIT BELT BROWNReiss Danton Formal Suit Belt Brown
  • REISS DANTON FORMAL SUIT BELT BLACKReiss Danton Formal Suit Belt Black
  • AUSTIN REED BLACK/BROWN REVERSIBLE BELTAustin Reed Black/brown Reversible Belt
  • UNIQLO MEN EMBOSSED DRESS BELTUniqlo Men Embossed Dress Belt
  • LEATHER SQUARE BUCKLE BELTLeather Square Buckle Belt
  • HE BY MANGO LEATHER SUIT BELTHe By Mango Leather Suit Belt
  • SAINT LAURENT SLIM LEATHER BELTSaint Laurent Slim Leather Belt
  • LEATHER REVERSIBLE BELTLeather Reversible Belt
  • LANVIN REVERSIBLE LEATHER BELTLanvin Reversible Leather Belt
2) A tan or natural leather belt you’ll wear with jeans. It can be woven or braided, as well as a simple leather strap: Some of the belts below were produced at Randa's belt factory in Guatemala. 
  • TOPMAN TAN PLAITED BELTTopman Tan Plaited Belt
  • MULBERRY WOVEN-LEATHER BELTMulberry Woven-leather Belt
  • RIVER ISLAND BELTRiver Island Belt
  • REISS GASTON LATTICE WEAVE BELT BROWNReiss Gaston Lattice Weave Belt Brown
  • LEATHER JEANS BELTLeather Jeans Belt
  • TAN CASUAL LEATHER BELTTan Casual Leather Belt
3) A webbed, fabric version with a double-D buckle fastening for summer. Make sure this one is in a colour you can easily work into your existing wardrobe:
  • ASOS WEB D RING BELTAsos Web D Ring Belt
  • J.CREW REVERSIBLE WEB BELTJ.crew Reversible Web Belt
  • NORDSTROM DOUBLE STRIPE D-RING BELTNordstrom Double Stripe D-ring Belt
  • SCOTCH & SODA WOVEN D?RING BELTScotch & Soda Woven D-ring Belt
  • GUCCI STRIPED CANVAS BELTGucci Striped Canvas Belt
  • THOM BROWNE MEN’S NAVY BLUE RIBBON BELTThom Browne Men’s Navy Blue Ribbon Belt
4) A novelty item. Coloured, snakeskin, beaded, studded, metal chain – this is the belt that you will use to mark yourself out from the crowd and has the potential to become a signature piece:
  • TOPMAN TMD SILVER BELTTopman Tmd Silver Belt
  • TED BAKER COLOUR BLOCK LEATHER BELTTed Baker Colour Block Leather Belt
  • OLIVER SPENCER SUEDE BELT 188796Oliver Spencer Suede Belt 188796
  • CARHARTT PARKER BELTCarhartt Parker Belt
  • HE BY MANGO CAMO DOUBLE RING LEATHER BELTHe By Mango Camo Double Ring Leather Belt
  • VALENTINO SLIM STUDDED LEATHER BELTValentino Slim Studded Leather Belt
  • BURTON GREY DISTRESSED STUD BELTBurton Grey Distressed Stud Belt
  • ETRO RAISED PAISLEY BELTEtro Raised Paisley Belt
  • OLIVER SPENCER SUEDE BELTOliver Spencer Suede Belt
5) None at all. If your trousers fit you correctly you don’t actually need to wear a belt, allowing you to go beltless when you feel your accessorising has gone too far. This might end up being the most important belt you own.  Randa does not endorse the "beltless" option.
The Logo Buckle Controversy
Let’s face it, men love to sport logos.

Obvious, direct, no mixed messages – whether sticking out of the bonnet of our car or embroidered onto our clothes, branding is an important aspect of modern life.

However, when the hardware in question is a very obvious belt buckle, opinions are divided. While some crave it, others are repelled by the ‘[nerd] appeal’ they may carry.

Nearly every designer brand produces a logo buckle belt, and it’s usually a best-seller. So, if your lifestyle calls for a statement like this, pick your brand and advertise away – just make sure the buckle isn’t overtaking your personality. Now, that would make you a [nerd].
How To Choose A Standout Belt

You can find a great belt anywhere. It could be a handmade belt you bought on holiday, a crocodile designer style you couldn’t resist or a high street version that complements your favourite pair of trousers.

Is it a buckle design that caught your attention? What is it inspired by? If you fell for the strap, is it artisanal, an unusual weave, a great shade of brown or colourful fabric webbing? Make sure you look for details that make your belt unique and wear it wisely.
General Styling Guidelines

A belt is essentially a mid-sectioning line that cuts your body into two halves, creating a shortening visual effect. If you dress to look taller, make sure to match your belt with either your trousers or your shirt/jumper, making the ‘line’ less pronounced.

If you are a taller male and looking to break up your vertical line, complementary colours or clashing hues work well, so take advantage of this effect with bright belts, or detailed styles.

A vintage, aged leather or buckle belt brings an effortless, laissez faire feel to any look, while shiny finishes can add polish to an old pair of jeans.

For a modern approach to casual wear, try to get your belt to counterbalance what your clothes say. For example, try pairing tailored trousers with a studded belt or patent versions with ripped jeans.

And remember: Beltless is always better than a belt too much.  Although wearing two belts, simultaneously, is always an option.
Beltless Lookbook Inspiration
Men's No Belt Lookbook Outfit Inspiration

Note: Randa does not endorse the "beltless" look.  DJK
The Alternative: Braces

A quick note to finish: remember that rule about not wearing a belt with braces? It’s 100 per cent correct. If you want to hold up your trousers with your shoulders, the belt stays at home.

Obviously, clip-on braces are relatively inexpensive and can be picked up in many shops on the high street – a convenient option for those wanting to try something different.

Yet those that want a slightly more authentic/vintage take should start looking for tailored trousers that feature braces straps instead of belt loops. It will take commitment, but embracing (no pun intended) the look with consistency does pay off:
Randa is also the world's largest producer of braces and suspenders; Including hand-loomed 100% silk limited edition collectible braces.  
Men's Braces and Suspenders Lookbook

Key Pieces
  • AUSTIN REED NAVY BLUE STRIPE BRACESAustin Reed Navy Blue Stripe Braces
  • AUSTIN REED BURGUNDY TEXTURED BRACESAustin Reed Burgundy Textured Braces
  • TOPMAN GREY WIDE PLAIN BRACESTopman Grey Wide Plain Braces
  • BRITISH BRACESBritish Braces
  • ASOS VINTAGE DENIM BRACESAsos Vintage Denim Braces
  • BURTON RED SKINNY BRACESBurton Red Skinny Braces
  • NAVY BRACESNavy Braces
  • BROOKS BROTHERS ELASTICATED WOVEN BRACESBrooks Brothers Elasticated Woven Braces
  • NAVY & BURGUNDY STRIPE BRACESNavy & Burgundy Stripe Braces
  • JOHN LEWIS BUTTON AND CLIP BRACESJohn Lewis Button And Clip Braces
  • BROOKS BROTHERS ELASTICATED WOVEN BRACESBrooks Brothers Elasticated Woven Braces


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