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3-D Oreo Cookies Exhibit a Tweet-Tooth

3-D Printed Oreos

At this year's SXSW, South by Southwest Festival, Oreo is demonstrating a vending machine that uses social media to determine flavor and color combinations for 3D-printed cookies.   
The Imagine What's Next Blog has been covering 3-D printing since our inception, including edible 3-D pizza, space food, and more. This is one of our favorite examples.

“We’re connecting trending moments to the cookie itself in real time and in real life.” said Bonin Bough, VP of global media at Mondelez (Parent of Nabisco and Oreo). Design and Innovation lab, Maya Design, created the software technology to allow users to use Twitter to customize Oreos; it only takes two minutes to print and assemble the cookies.

Next Valentine's Day we look forward to Tweet Peeps, in 3-D.

- David J. Katz

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