Thursday, February 20, 2014

Very Rarely, I Have No Comment. This is One of Those Times.

And I quote: "Tomislav Zvonaric, 33, a graphic designer from Zagreb in Croatia said: 'The whole concept for the iTie came from wearable fashion. 'I thought it would be a cool idea to have a tie that could have interchangeable patterns or colours and be used as a screen for an IOS device."

[So you put a collar around your neck, point the projector down... and it projects a pattern and color]

"The whole bottom part of the tie is a screen that displays apps like an iPhone or iPad, only it would be arranged to fit the shape of the tie.

'From there, people could make Skype calls, send texts, make phone calls, and even use the camera at the bottom and the top.

'The tie would also have an app so that people could change the pattern or colour of it, meaning men just need to have one tie that suits all occasions."

[Disclosure: I am biased toward the Randa "Style made Smart" system. Further, the concept of a "one man; one tie" system is scary... DJK]