Sunday, February 23, 2014

Go Vest Young Man - Double-paned Heat Technology Meets Ready-To-Wear

Argon gas-filled vest inflates or deflates on demand

Double-paned windows provide excellent insulation by trapping heat and air between two sealed layers. Applying this concept to apparel is not new. What is new is allowing the wearer to fill the interior space, providing improved insulation, or to empty the space, providing less insulation, on demand.

Klymit uses small canisters of argon gas, attached to a nozzle, to fill or empty the chambers as desired. The weight of the vest remains unchanged.

The vest is available currently for $195, a pack of 3 argon gas canisters sells for $19.95.

If you could connect your NEST thermostat to this baby you would have real winner.

- David J. Katz