Sunday, February 2, 2014

36 Below Zero, 1 Million Tourists, 1 Billion Ice Cubes; Now Stir

This winter, Randa Accessories will sell nearly 400,000 ice scrapers.  That’s a good thing because two weeks ago the Harbin Ice and Snow World opened in Harbin China.

Winds from Siberia reach -36 F, making Harbin China’s coldest city. Harbin clearly needs something extraordinary to generate tourism, not to mention heat, and that something is the Ice and Snow Festival.

This year nearly 1 million tourists will visit this frozen tundra to wander, and wonder, through architectural scaled sculptures, many internally lit with LED bulbs, crafted from 180,000 cubic meters of ice.  This year’s exhibitions include models of the Empire State Building and the Coliseum. The visitors, and creators, need a lot of ice scrapers. - David J. Katz

Randa Accessories X-Gear Ice Scraper