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Men Can Learn From Women’s Fashion

What Men Can Learn From Women’s Fashion

I must admit, sometimes I get unbelievably frustrated at men’s style and fashion. I’ve been writing about it for over three years now and, just like anything that involves being creative, it’s hard to find the same passion that you once had when you first started out.

However, recently I’ve begun to feel reinvigorated with this menswear game that I know and love, and this change in attitude has stemmed from the strangest of sources: women’s fashion. Now before you all start scrolling to the comments section to give me a good verbal thrashing, allow me to explain…
I don’t mean that I’ve exclusively started wearing women’s clothes! I don’t even mean that I’ve started incorporating a few subtle women’s pieces here and there (although there is an argument to be made for this). What I mean is that I’ve injected some life into my personal style by stealing ideas from the way that women approach fashion in general.

Remember, they’ve been doing it a lot longer than us, guys! And arguably a lot better too. When it comes to colour combinations, pattern mixing and textures, women are the masters. And who’s to say we can’t steal from them? Fashion is still a women’s game anyway, so why not learn from the best?
There’s more of a crossover between our two worlds than you would originally think, so why not try implementing some of the tips I’ve leant from the fairer sex the next time you’re struggling with your menswear passion…

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