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Oliver Sweeney Accessories

Oliver Sweeney AW13 Accessories CollectionArticle By  on 26th July 2013
Oliver Sweeney Accessories Collection Much lauded British brand Oliver Sweeney have announced an AW13 accessories range that centres on simplicity and, it seems, belt buckles. Complementing the label’s new footwear collection – self styledly focused on the bucolic nature of the British country (that means Shepard-like for all of you that can’t be bothered to Google) – they have offered a back to basics approach to accessorising whilst still retaining the tongue-in-cheek charm that sets the brand apart. The stand out pieces of the collection begin at the head, with stunning, slim-brimmed Christy’s fedoras in muted grey and navy. Given hats are making a slow but steady resurgence into popular fashion, now is definitely the time to invest in such simple, refined and wearable pieces. Complementing these we begin to see the aforementioned buckles, with canvas bags fastened by sturdy leather strap…

NY Obsessed with Ties


July 17, 2013 WWD Tech-to-Wear: Wearable Technology on the RiseBy CuteCircuit's dress is made with 9,000 LED lights that are controlled by an iPhone and can change colors and flash patterns. Photo By John Aquino Google Glass Photo By Courtesy Photo Dita Von Teese in Michael Schmidt and Francis Bitonti's 3-D printed nylon dress, produced by Shapeways. Photo By Ronald Riqueros/ A MarkerBot 3-D printer. Photo By Courtesy Photo Iris van Herpen's 3-D printed shoe from fall couture. Photo By Giovanni Giannoni Nike FuelBand Photo By Neilson Barnard/Getty Images The geeks are coming into fashion.

Computers have already remade the world, changing business and culture as they jumped from clunky mainframe to desktop to phone. But now technology is growing even more prevalent, moving beyond the back office and factory floor and creeping toward the accessories, dresses and shirts themselves.

Wearable technology, if not yet mainstream, is having a serious mom…

Odor-Free Underwear

Space Laundry, and the Quest for Odor-Free UnderwearBy Kate Greene | July 11, 2013 12:43 pm
Crew Scientist Yajaira Sierra-Sastre tries on a pair of Cupron socks. Their fabric has copper oxide particles incorporated into the threads to kill odor-causing bacteria and fungi. Credit: Sian Proctor This is the eleventh in a series of reports from the HI-SEAS simulated Mars mission. Read others in the series here. Astronauts’ dirty laundry could be a big problem on a Mars mission. Here on Earth, we take clean clothes for granted, but on an interplanetary ship, a traditional washer and dryer would be impractical. And it’s simply too bulky, expensive, and wasteful to blast up many years’ worth of disposable clothes for a long-haul voyage. So what’s a Mars explorer to do? The approach taken on the International Space Station won’t help, unfortunately. Currently, astronauts go about a week or so without changing their drawers. Don’t worry. It’s likely not as bad as it sounds. Because the ISS is a…

Inside Vuitton's shoe factory

Walking Tall: Inside Louis Vuitton's shoe factory
Tamsin Blanchard meets the dedicated artisans at Louis Vuitton's Italian shoe workshop who go to extraordinary lengths to ensure their heels always hit the heights.

Paola is one of the most experienced artisans at Louis Vuitton's shoe workshop in Fiesso d'Artico, a short drive from Venice, but when she watched the Louis Vuitton ready-to-wear show as it was being live-streamed to a large screen on the factory floor last March she was reduced to tears.
She was moved not by the appearance of Kate Moss in a negligee, or the incredible scale of the show's setting at the Grand Palais in Paris, but by the shoes on the 50 models' feet. They included high-heeled ankle-strap shoes with a criss-cross of leather over the toes, which were all made in less than three weeks b…

Men Can Learn From Women’s Fashion
What Men Can Learn From Women’s Fashion
I must admit, sometimes I get unbelievably frustrated at men’s style and fashion. I’ve been writing about it for over three years now and, just like anything that involves being creative, it’s hard to find the same passion that you once had when you first started out.
However, recently I’ve begun to feel reinvigorated with this menswear game that I know and love, and this change in attitude has stemmed from the strangest of sources: women’s fashion. Now before you all start scrolling to the comments section to give me a good verbal thrashing, allow me to explain… I don’t mean that I’ve exclusively started wearing women’s clothes! I don’t even mean that I’ve started incorporating a few subtle women’s pieces here and there (although there is an argument to be made for this). What I mean is that I’ve injected some life into my personal style by stealing ideas from the way that …

Pockets that clean phones

VoyVoy has created a range of t-shirts and shirts that feature microfiber linings to help them clean their devices or glasses effectively.


This Is What Matters

Software giant Apple has released a design manifesto with the help of advertising agency TBWA\Media Arts Lab, USA. 

Apple’s gorgeous long copy ads bring you back to the heart of Apple’s design philosophy. 
There are a total of four print versions, and one in video format. The copy reads: 
“This is it.  This is what matters.  The experience of a product.  How it makes someone feel.  When you start by imagining  What that might be like,  You step back.  You think.  Who will this help?  Will it make life better?  Does this deserve to exist?  If you are busy making everything,  How can you perfect anything?  We don't believe in coincidence.  Or dumb luck.  There are thousands "no's"  For every "yes."  We spend a lot of time  On a few great things.  Untile every idea we touch  Enhances each life it touches.  We're engineers and artists.  Craftmen and inventors.  We sign our work.  You may rarely look at it.  But you'll always feel it.  This is our signature.  And it means everything.…

What came first the app or the egg?

GE just invented the first “internet of things” device you’ll actually want to ownBy Christopher Mims@mimsJuly 3, 2013
Putting all your eggs in one basket is permissible if the basket is self-aware.Quirky If you’ve always wanted to be able to check, from anywhere in the world, exactly how many eggs are in your fridge at home, the Egg Minder is for you. Sure, it sounds silly. Do we really need an internet-connected device and companion smartphone app to tell us something so inessential? But it’s no worse than most other examples of that growing category of products comprising the “internet of things” (the expanding realm of devices that send information to, and can often be controlled from, the internet). And, at a price that may ultimately be as low as $14, at least this internet-connected device has enough utility to justify …

Stylish Male Athletes

The Top 10 Most Stylish Male Athletes  Written by Chelsea - University of Oklahoma

Anna Wintour and David Beckham | Photo via Pacific Coast News When hot guys athletes and fashion collide, it’s a beautiful thing. Just as the world is fascinated with an athlete’s life on and off the court, their ensembles both at press conferences and on the street seem to stir great excitement as well. While it’s easier for guys — especially talented and successful ones — to get away with not putting much effort into their appearance, I’d like to give a shout out to a handful of athletes who go above and beyond the norm, and leave the house every day rocking a distinctive style.
Today, I’m counting down the top 10 most stylish male athletes. After you finish reading the list, be sure to leave a comment and let us know whose style you like, and who we might have left off! Ladies, get ready for some major, giddy, Tiger Beat girl…

Louis Vuitton Mens Accessories

Because Kim Jones was (and still is) the best thing to have happened to Louis Vuitton as far as menswear and mens accessories are concerned, I couldn’t not share these lovely pieces with you, all of which are from the upcoming Fall-Winter 2013 Mens Louis Vuitton collection.

Working with British artists, the Chapman Brothers, for part of the collection, Kim Jones saw to it that their works (albeit slightly toned down) were incorporated into all manner of bags and accessories, from weekenders and totes to loafers, printed scarves and stoles.

I’m also loving this pair of bags, one of the most beautiful of messengers (or it is a satchel) I’ve seen in a while. Though I’m not quite sure what leather this is, it does look like it would age beautifully and get better over time. In other words, we’ll just have to sit tight for now till I get more updates regarding its name, make and price. What are you eyeing? The loafers? Or maybe the printed scarv…

Tata Belt Video

Tata: The largest belt factory in the Western Hemisphere, an affiliate of Randa Accessories.

Tata - Accessories Globales