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Luxe Luggage

Wall St. Journal

Luxe Luggage
This summer—whether traveling by land, sea or air—forgo rolling suitcases and unsightly carry-on items in favor of classic steamer trunks, timeless totes or a dicreet valise.

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History of the Pencil

The Surprising History of the Pencil What medieval smuggling has to do with the atomic structure of carbon.

The oldest pencil in the world, found in timbered house built in 1630. (Image: Faber-Castell)

Having previously explored such mysteries as who invented writing and how sounds became shapes, it's time to turn to something much less mysterious, a seemingly mundane yet enormously influential tool of human communication: the humble pencil.

Gaze-Activated Dress

(no)where(now)here : 2 gaze-activated dresses by ying gao from ying gao on Vimeo.

The series comprising two dresses, made of photoluminescent thread and eye tracking technology, is activated by spectators' gaze. A photograph is said to be “spoiled” by blinking eyes – here however, the concept of presence and of disappearance are questioned, as the experience of chiaroscuro (clarity/obscurity) is achieved through an unfixed gaze.

video : curious montreal
music : gymnopédie no. 1 - Erik Satie
models : folio
hair makeup : emilie filteau
shoes : jerome c. rousseau

This Week's WWD Quotes

WWD's week in quotes, culled from stories that ran the week of June 24 to June 28.
• "Herald Square has achieved something that is very difficult to do. Retailers tell you, 'There's no bad space.' Here, there truly isn't. We've put our latest, greatest designs in there, so it's going to be the best that we have to offer. This is going to be one of the best-performing beauty departments, in terms of volume, on a global basis." — Thia Breen, The Estee Lauder Cos., on Macy's revamp of its beauty floor.

• “Fashion has become this uberproduct: It’s not sitting in a corner anymore. It’s way out there being promoted, adored or hated — like a shampoo…[Consumer society is] more and more artificial, toxic in a way.” — Raf Simons 

• "I just felt like a mannequin Barbie. I didn’t feel like I had my personality. I was like, f--k this and dyed my hair blue." — Model Chloe Nørgaard

• "I don't do many product associations." — Jeff Koons, o…

Stealth Wear

Stealth Wear Aims to Make a Tech Statement By  - New York Times

THE term “stealth wear” sounded cool, if a bit extreme, when I first heard it early this year. It’s a catchy description for clothing and accessories designed to protect the wearer from detection and surveillance. I was amused. It seemed like an updated version of a tinfoil hat, albeit a stylish one. Fast-forward a few months. Flying surveillance cameras, also known as drones, are increasingly in the news. So are advances in facial-recognition technology. And wearable devices like Google Glass — which can be used to take photographs and videos and upload them to the Internet within seconds — are adding to the fervor. Then there are the disclosures of Edward Snowden, the fugitive former government contractor, about clandestine government surveillance. It’s enough to make countersurveillance fashion as timel…

Lame Duck - in 3D

Lame duck story: thanks to science, disabled mallard gets prosthetic foot

Here’s the usual heartwarmer to end the week. And I can’t refrain from saying this:  religion and prayer aren’t going to fix a duck’s amputated foot. But science and 3D Printing can!
Last November a male duck named Buttercup was born (in a high-school biology lab!) with a deformed and backward-pointing foot.  He was transferred to the Feathered Angels Waterfowl Sanctuary in Tennesee, whose employees decided to help him. The foot was was amputated, and then the kindly people at the Sanctuary went into action
From C/Net: After Buttercup had his foot amputated in February, Garey — a software engineer by trade — started looking into options for a replacement limb. Sure, Buttercup could have a peg leg; but what if Garey could replace the entire foot?
After shopping around for a service, he found 3D printing company NovaCopy, which agreed to donate its services to helping Buttercup walk again. Together, using photos o…

3D Printed Cast

It's Almost Worth Breaking Your Arm for this Crazy 3D-Printed Cast
Plaster casts are bulky, obnoxious, heavy, inevitably sweaty, occasionally pink. In short, they are no fun. But this 3D-printed "Cortex" cast could change all that. Sure, it looks a little like a fishnet stocking, but have you seen a old-fashioned cast lately?

A conceptual project designed by a Victoria University of Wellington graduate with the suspiciously awesome name Jake Evill, the Cortex cast is lightweight, ventilated, washable and thin thanks to its polyamide skeleton. But the bonuses aren't all for the wearer; the material of Cortex casts could be reused, unlike plaster.
It's just a concept and prototype for now, but ideally, computer software would be fed x-rays of the break and 3D scans of the limb, and design an appropriate cast shape for fixing it up, with the cast's densest parts concentrated around the actual break. The cast could then be printed out in pieces and assembled arou…

Energy Gummy Bears

Each Energy Gummi Bears Five Pack is exactly what it sounds like. Five bags of energy enriched gummi bears. Packing a lovely citrus blast flavor, each package is one serving (and actually low on the calories). In exchange for eating about 9 gummi bears, your body will be bathed in caffeine, a bunch of different B vitamins, vitamin C, co-enzyme Q-10, taurine, protein, and runaroundein. Which is what we have to go do now because we just can't sit still anymore. Get a Energy Gummi Bears Five Pack or seven of your own, and never sit still again.
For nutrition information, click here.
Energy Gummi Bears Five Pack Yummy gummi bears loaded with energy and caffeine.32mg of natural caffeine per serving.All sorts of other goodies inside: Guarana, Vitamin B's, Vitamin C, Co-Enzyme Q-10, Taurine, and more!Citrus Blast flavor.60 calories per serving (1 bag).Five bags per five pack (duh).Made in the USA.Net Wt.: 1oz (approx. 9 gummies) per bag

Nissan 300KM/h electric hybrid The ZEOD RC actually stands for (I know you wanted to know) Zero Emission On Demand Racing Car, rather than ‘radio controlled’ as some of you, and I, may have been hoping.
The gruelling Le Mans race will be the car’s first racing outing, but alas, petrolheads (or should that be Voltheads?) will have to wait until Le Mans 2014 next year to see the machine in action. As a result of its electric trickery Nissan’s ZEOD RC won’t be racing in the normal classes, instead it will run in the Automobile Club de l’Ouest’s ‘Garage 56′ entry, which is an additional spot on the grid for cars that showcase new, innovative technology. The car isn’t all electric due to the demands of the race, but the ZEOD RC’s designer Ben Bowlby (officially, Nissan’s Director of Motorsport Innovation) sees it as an important step in the “electrification of motorsport”. Nissan says …

Soda Can Designs


How the Design of Soda Cans Have Changed Over Time Things change over time. Famous logos morph from black and white text into ornately embossed colorful graphics. Home screens go from a few icons to pages and pages. Phones go from bricks with numbers to slates with touchscreens. It's just what happens. Little tweaks become overhauls. Just look at how your favorite soda cans have transformed. Though Pepsi gets a lot of crap for trying to find a logo that sticks and Coca Cola gets a lot of credit for having the same logo after all these years (other than the New Coke fiasco), both their soda can designs have changed dramatically from its humbly sweet beginnings. Bold Post culled together all these images of soda cans over the years ranging from a 1948 Pepsi to a 1964 7-Up and more. In the early years, it seemed like the design of the whole can changed a lot more frequently while recent years gave way more to little tweaks and additions. My personal favorites? The 1971 Coca Cola. The…

Best Menswear for a Flight

The Best Men's Clothing to Wear for a Flight
If you’re a frequent flyer, the article below might look familiar. In-flight magazines have recently featured the following tips from our CEO, as we continue to help guys looks their best for all occasions, including flying.  From... The Trunk Club. Click to enlarge... 

Amazon Opens 3D Printing Store

If you thought you were safe from posers, you're sunk: Amazon has just opened a store for 3D printers and printer accessories that seems to, at the very least, allow smaller manufacturers to get a foothold in an increasingly tight market.

Available on the “pop up web store” or whatever you want to call it are printers from Afinia and Flashforge (which, as you’ll notice, is a literal rip-off of the Makerbot) as well as offers from Makerbot owners who are selling used machines. In short, the store consists of smaller fry attempting to sell directly to a less educated consumer – which is fine.

With Staples selling Cube 3D printers and Toys R Us selling personalized ducks in Hong Kong, it’s clear we’re reaching the point when 3D printing is beginning to interface with the culture. It’s still “cool” enough to be cutting edge yet it’s lucrative enough for behemoths like Amazon t…

Harnessing Mobile Devices

WWD: by Rachel Brown

Before Uber and Lyft came to American cities, Steve Yankovich, vice president, innovation and new ventures at eBay Inc., was in London and tried Addison Lee, a similar taxi service that knew where he was and promptly picked him up and dropped him off without Yankovich having to open his wallet or really say much of anything.

“It’s unbelievable,” exclaimed Yankovich. “This is an entirely new experience for something we’ve done in what turns out to be a clunky way before the technology shows up.” As mobile devices empowered with geofencing capabilities and consumer data enable more and more of those sort of experiences, he continued, they are “changing what we expect in the physical world.” 

As expectations change, Yankovich foresees numerous improvements to the current dynamics in physical environments that can be provided by technology. An app developed by eBay for the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team, for example, can identify what seats users are sitting in and have…

Same-Day Delivery

Article|McKinsey Quarterly
Retail economics in the era of one-day delivery Retailers can respond by harnessing existing store locations and forging relationships with outside distributors.May 2013| byNitin Chaturvedi, Mirko Martich, and Brian Ruwadi In the 15 years since’s initial public offering, the expectations and behavior of consumers have changed profoundly. Many of them expect to be able to buy just about anything online and to get it overnight. Distribution economics make the latter expectation a significant challenge for many US retailers: one-day delivery requires more than a dozen strategically located distribution centers that can fulfill online orders, versus just two or three for two-day service (exhibit). Subscale retailers do have options. For some, third-party fulfillment relationships are becoming critical—these providers not only bring the required network and distri…

Think Inside the Box

Think Inside the Box Forget brainstorming: People are at their most innovative when they work within the constraints of what they already know By DREW BOYD and JACOB GOLDENBERG - Wall Street Journal Jimmy Turrell The most consequential ideas are often right under our noses. When most CEOs hear the word "innovation," they roll their eyes. It conjures up images of employees wasting hours, even days, sitting in beanbag chairs, tossing Frisbees and regurgitating ideas they had already considered. "Brainstorming" has become a byword for tedium and frustration.

Skate 2.0

4 New Fulfillment Models

Target Experiments with Four Different Fulfillment Models By: Storefront Backtalk | June 10, 2013 Target CFO John Mulligan has confirmed that Target is in the middle of not one but four different fulfillment pilots, including acting as a guinea pig for the same-day-delivery trials of both Google and Ebay. The other Target trials involve pay-online-pickup-in-store, pay-in-store-pickup-at-another-store and pay-online-ship-from-store.
The interesting background to these trials is that Target—as its name implies—has always been precisely focused. These trials, as the CFO pointed out, are the chain admitting that many fundamental shopper assumptions may no longer be valid.

“We spent 50 years honing, moving products one direction to our supply chain and ultimately to the back door of the store. Then through the front door and trying to do that as quickly as possible. Now we’re moving product different directions depending on what our guest wants and for us, we need to learn how to operationa…

Beware the Comfort Zone

Beware the Comfort Zone - by David J. Katz May 2013

Comfort Zone: “A situation or position in which a person feels secure, comfortable, or in control” -

Some of my greatest skills... are my greatest weakness.  I am fortunate to have a strong academic background.  I come from parents with strong academic backgrounds and great intellectual curiosity. This was the incubator for my comfort zone.
My comfort zone is literate and numerate in debate; which is a pretentious way of saying that I use words and numbers, facts and figures, to score points. This may not seem comfortable to you; after all, it is my comfort zone not yours. However, I spent many years throughout my childhood in intellectual debate rather than in family conversation; and, those debates were judged.  If you do something often enough you get good at it, and it becomes familiar, and familiar becomes comfortable.

MCG Video: success in-store

8 Bottles. 1 Jean. Waste Less.

From our friends and partners at LS&Co.

8 Bottles. 1 Jean. Waste Less. from Randa Creative on Vimeo.

How Not to Be Alone

Technology may make it easier to communicate electronically, but more difficult to do so emotionally.
Step outside of your comfort zone. Connect personally with your peers, clients, suppliers, and most important, your family.  DJK
NYTimes: How Not to Be Alone

A COUPLE of weeks ago, I saw a stranger crying in public. I was in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood, waiting to meet a friend for breakfast. I arrived at the restaurant a few minutes early and was sitting on the bench outside, scrolling through my contact list. A girl, maybe 15 years old, was sitting on the bench opposite me, crying into her phone. I heard her say, “I know, I know, I know” over and over.
What did she know? Had she done something wrong? Was she being comforted? And then she said, “Mama, I know,” and the tears came harder.
What was her mother telling her? Never to stay out all night again? That everybody fails? Is it possible that no one was on the other end of the call, and that the girl …

Pay With a Kiss

Pay With Kiss A Promotion Offered at Metro St James Cafe in Sydney
 Published: Tuesday, 4 Jun 2013 | 8:49 AM ET By: Katherine Bindley, The Huffington Post
Referred to this blog by Rhonda Leader, whose coffee consumption is legendary. 

0 At Metro St. James cafe in Sydney, Australia, patrons can now pay for their coffee with a kiss. Coffee drinkers at a Sydney cafe can grab the nearest attractive and willing person, pucker up, and consider their bill paid, thanks to a new "Pay with a Kiss" promotion.
"We're bringing romance back! Take your partner to the café from 9-11am in June and surprise them with a kiss when you order your coffee. We're not accepting your money, just your kisses," reads a post on Metro St James' Facebook page.
The French-themed shop, which has been open for just three months, included a video featuring several couples earning their cups of coffee by way of their lips.
In the clip, a waiter warns one couple that he has to observe a "…

Barneys Men's Accessories Floor

Barneys Unveils Renovated Men's Accessories Floor
NEW YORK — Barneys New York is breaking down the barriers.

After nearly two years of work, the upscale retailer has completed the renovation of the ground-floor men’s accessories department at its Madison Avenue flagship. The result is a bright and airy presentation of well-known and artisanal brands that cross all categories of business, from classic to designer. It also marks the continued “cross-pollination” of the separate men’s and women’s stores by widening the access and adding some crossover brands such as Hermès watches and bags from Bottega Veneta and Valextra as a bridge between the two buildings. A new revolving door was also added to the men’s main entrance to mimic that of the women’s store.