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Tie Dimples

From North by Northwest to His Girl Friday to Charade, Cary Grant was the ultimate mid-century icon, owning the silver screen in his grey flannel suits as he played both the everyman and the man everyone wanted to be. Born Archibald Leach in Bristol, England, Grant was one of the last fixtures of Hollywood's sartorial golden era. And it wasn't just that his suits always fit flawlessly, or that he was blessed with a look that could make an entire movie house swoon. It was that everything Grant wore, he wore with purpose. In our current age of Hollywood stylists and "leading men" who can't even dress themselves, Grant's attention to detail is not only admirable, it's enough to make you nostalgic for the days of good ol' black and white.

Take this shot from 1947, for example. From the cufflinks to the peak lapels to the tilt of the hat, the details alone could fill an intro level textbook on classic men's-wear. But what seals the look is a feature that falls front and center but is so often overlooked: the tie dimple. A man like Grant would've known that a flat tie lacks character, and that without that little cleft up near his knot, his look would've been incomplete.

While the world of tie knots these days is a sea of Windors, Pratts, and the dreaded Eldridge, the only knot you really need to achieve Grant's characteristic look is the four-in-hand. Tie it up right and you'll be left with a nice sized dimple that'll make you look just that much more attentive. Oh, and if anyone asks “Hey, where'd you get that tie?” you can just tell them it was a gift from Cary Grant. It's almost true… right?

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