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Knot a Problem

Knot like Kammeier...

The Windsor. The Four-one. The Half-Windsor. These are all tie basics that you will learn about in most style ‘textbooks’, but when you get all tried and bored of them, or want to do something on a special date just to impress that someone special, here are 3 exotic tie-knots that you can try out. They are super unconventional and super cool!
1) The Eldredge Knot

I first saw this knot on somebody at the Audi Fashion Festival last week and thought, “Man, that’s a super cool looking knot!”. And that kind of led me to research and come to discover these 3 knots that I am sharing here today. The Eldredge Knot -  it is a very unique and grabs ones attention, kind of resembles a braid . Here’s a diagram from demostrating how it is tied (and a video posted by this guy Alex Krasny who is doing all of us a favour here showing how to tie this knot!)
2) The Trinity Knot
Once you mastered the Eldredge, perhaps you might want to try this next one – the Trinity knot. The Trinity has a three-way symmetry and it’s a good looking knot on any tie. It’s a guaranteed ice-breakers as people will come asking you how did it. “It’s all about details!” , I can hear you say proudly.

3) The Cape Knot
Finally, one more knot before you graduated from this class – The Cape knot. This knot works best with mono-colored ties,  pattern or paisley ties, but not with stripes.-the stripes gets all zany and it creates a messy look.
So, there you have it, 3 exotic ways to tie your knots. And remember, like with all magicians, don’t give away your secrets so easily. Let them all admire in awe!
Link sent from Kim Bearry... thanks, Kim.

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