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The World's Thinnest Watch

DJK Loves KickStarter... and this is one of my recent favorite projects.
The world's thinnest watch... It's about time.

Imagine... The world's thinnest belt buckle? The world's most intelligent tie bar? The world's smartest cuff links?

In a Category of Its Own

The CST-01 is assembled by laminating thin, flexible components into a 0.5mm pocket etched into a single piece of flexible stainless steel.  In order to make the watch as thin and minimal as possible, there are no buttons or knobs on the watch itself.  Charging and setting the time is done on the included base station, and for those outside the US who prefer a 24 hour time format, this is also user selectable from the base station.

The CST-01 weighs less than 5 pennies at 12 grams.  Because of the comfort, weight and thinness, if we didn't want to keep looking at it, we would forget we were wearing it.
Everything about the design and engineering was thoroughly considered for its functional and aesthetic benefits. The CST-01 is the most minimal expression of a timepiece, It’s ‘time’ embedded in a band.


E Ink Screen
The concept of the watch was inspired by the qualities of E Ink segmented displays; ultra thinness, readability, ruggedness, flexibility, and low power. We developed our own segmented font designed for E Ink screens to make the numbers look great.
Powered by a Thinergy "Micro-Energy Cell"
The micro energy cell (MEC) that powers the watch is incredible in its own right.  It can be recharged 10,000 times and lasts over 15 years.  The watch can charge  in 10 minutes and we expect the watch to be able to function for a month between charges. The MEC contains no toxic chemicals or heavy metals providing safety while being eco-friendly.
Driven by a Seiko Epson Microcontroller
The Seiko Epson System on a Chip (SoC) allows us to do everything we need to in a tiny package and sips power in order for us to achieve our desired battery life.

Assembled in the USA

Keeping true to the locality of the Central Standard brand, all watches are planned to be assembled in the USA.

What's Ahead of Us

What we are showing here are "Design Validation Units" (DVUs) that use real production methods and techniques. These are a result of a number of rounds of prototypes before them.  Based on everything we have learned from these DVUs, we will be revising our designs to simplify manufacturing and increase the robustness of the manufactured version.  
We'll be working on small modifications to everything from the stainless steel band, selection and refinement of adhesives, adjustments to the display module, refinement to the top mask in color and material choice and simplification of flexible circuits.  The revisions we plan on doing will tackle key issues like making the product as waterproof as possible, optimizing scratch resistance, and ensuring that every product that comes off the line stands up to a high standard of quality.  The charger will be revised to move from a 3d printed process to injection molded parts.  This is something we have years of experience doing for a number of products that have come to market.
We are in discussions with several potential assembly partners, but we need to have final numbers for our initial manufacturing run before those talks can continue.  We were originally interested in using Fulfillment by Amazon. After talking at CES with other Kickstarter veterans, they mentioned that was an interesting route for fulfillment as well. We will look into a number of fulfillment services to determine the best one for our needs.

Photo Gallery

CST-01 charging station
CST-01 charging station

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