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How Google Institutionalizes Great Design

Redesigning Google: how Larry Page engineered a beautiful revolution The new Google way is weird, but it's working By Verge Staffon January 24, 2013 12:06 pm 2,519

RFID Story

Defence In Your Pocket: The RFID Wallet By Würkin StiffsArticle By  on 29th January 2013 | Comments Are Off
The Importance of RFID Protection We’ve already told you about the amazing magnetic collar stays from Würkin Stiffs and how they let you achieve that crisp and sharp look you desire on a daily basis. This time, we want to introduce you to yet another innovative everyday style essential from the brand and make you aware of the importance of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) protection. In a world where technology is continuously evolving, criminals are always coming up with new ways to commit cyber crime and exploit vulnerabilities you may not yet be aware of. One of the fastest growing crimes of the 21st century is identity theft, which is when someone “uses another’s personally identifying information, like their name, identifying number, …

Nike Flyknit Lunar

From Uncrate...

There might be a more comfortable running shoe out there, but if there is, we don't know about it. The Nike Flyknit Lunar1+  combines Nike's Flyknit technology — which provides a more precise fit, integrates support and structure, reduces seams, weight, and points of friction, and reduces waste by 80 percent — with the company's incredibly comfortable yet lightweight Lunarlon foam cushioning to provide an optimal running experience. It won't be tailored precisely to your foot — it'll just feel that way. Arriving next month. MORE    STYLESHOES$TBA    BUYSHARE

Sensor says "buy new shoes"

Apple wants to let you know when to buy new shoes

Recently published patent application describes an embedded sensor that would measure repetitive activity and indicate when a predetermined metric has been reached.
Imagine a sensor that measures the number of times you wear a belt, or a tie, or pack a bag... how could Randa use this technology? - djk In a recently published patent application, the tech giant has proposed embedding sensors in footwear that would track the wearer's activity and send a notification when it's time for a new pair. The application describes a "Shoe wear-out sensor, body-bar sensing system, unitless activity assessment and associated methods." The application's summary describes the system thus:  A body bar sensing system for sensing movement of a body bar may be provided. The body bar sensing system may include a housing having a coupling mechanism operative to couple to the body bar, a detector disposed within the housing and operative…