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Daddy, What's a wallet?

Hindsight is 20/20.  Foresight is a mobile payment ready merchant.  
It won't be long before the way you shop and pay will be forever changed.  With a handful of start-up companies battling to be your next mobile wallet, it is almost certain one of them will have you leaving your old leather bound version of a wallet at home.
We know a Mobile payment to be an alternative payment method, where instead of paying with cash, check or credit cards, a consumer can use their smart phone to pay.  Mobile money is already being used to pay for music, videos, subscriptions, and other digital goods.  There are also several services that allow for mobile payments including transportation fares and in Dubai you can pay the parking meters electronically.  Soon every merchant will be equipped with a mobile payment option.  Pilot cities like Austin, and merchants like Macy's are already testing this technology.
Samsung is right, "The next big thing is already here",  keeping your connections even more connected, and allowing for a company to use this cutting edge Near field communication (NFC) technology to create a Mobile wallet that can hold versions of many things your existing wallet does- including select payment cards.  
Welcome to Isis, one tap and you are on your way.  I would think a company that has the backing of AT&T, Verizon and T-mobile is unlikely to fail in giving you everything you need, in the device you always have with you.

Son, the word "wallet" has been in use since the late fourteenth century.... In ancient greece...

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