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Hermes Scarf

Hermes Movie

Hermès targets new generation of silk scarf-buyers via short filmYouTube Video
French label Hermès is using the spontaneity of young love to market its silk scarves to a new generation of aspirational consumers through a social film produced by 18-year-old photographer Olivia Bee. The brand is likely extending the appeal of its iconic scarves to the younger generations in its three-minute film called “Il Est Pour Nous,” translating to “It is for Us” in English. Luxury marketers that have traditionally targeted true affluent consumers may want to use video to reach new, younger consumers, since the medium gives them the chance to tell a precise brand story. “Hermès will reach the younger, 20- or 30-something customer who aspires to purchase luxury items from Hermès, and a younger, predominately female customer who is looking to add splashes of color to her wardrobe, accessories and home items,” said John Casey, founder of Freshfluff, New York. “Engaging a younger director h…

Fixtures and Presentations

Neckties arranged in semi-sequence for an almost-black-and-white periodic table interpretation. A horizontal display observed inGiorgio Armani,the cubby-holedtray fits perfectly atop one of the stores tables. Even though nearlygreyscaleand without bright colors other clues, the traditional tie-like patterns communicate the wares across the store.
Compare directly to a color version at…
Periodic Table of Neckties

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Wire as Wicker Substitute

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Death, Taxes & Leather

Why Are Blueprints Blue?

If you ever wondered why blueprints were blue and not black or red or white or brown or any other color than blue, well, it's not because architects really like the color but because the technique in making blueprints caused the paper to turn blue. Mental Floss delved into the history of blueprints and discovered that the blueprint process was developed in the 1800's when scientists found an easy way to reproduce documents by using ammonium iron citrate and potassium ferrocyanide as some sort of old school photocopy. How does that really work? Well, as Mental Floss explains it: Someone creates a drawing on translucent tracing paper or cloth. The drawing is placed over a piece of blueprinting paper, which has been coated with a mix of ammonium iron citrate and potassium ferrocyanide from an aqueous solution and dried. When the two papers are exposed to a bright light, the two chemicals react to form an insoluble blue compound ca…

Retailers With Relationships
Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys New York were lauded by high-net-worth consumers for being the most effective at maintaining salesperson-to-customer relationships in comparison to other high-end retailers, according to a new report by the Luxury Institute. The 2012 Luxury Customer Relationship Index survey of U.S. consumers found that while salesperson-to-customer relationships are neglected in the luxury sector overall, the categories that came out on top in terms of participants’ perception of these relationships include watches, jewelry and men’s ready-to-wear. Furthermore, 70 percent of those surveyed who interact with a specific salesperson said that this relationship causes them to spend more both in-store and online. “The customer conversion and customer retention rates are very low right now in the luxury sector, so there is a huge opportunity to not only convert but retain customers, especially…

Evolution Of Savile Row

Introduction Style. Classic style. For many of us, these are the first words that come into our heads when we think of Savile Row. Savile Row is steeped in tradition, that much is certain. Built between 1731 and 1735, according to many fashion critics, its aim was to provide the world’s best tailoring for the capital of England.
Of course, only the best was good enough for British gentleman, and as times and fashion trends have come and gone, the genius and resilience of tailors and cutters on Savile Row has seen them only produce garments that would bypass any era, watching the industry from afar with a mixture of amusement and confusion.
However, it seems the current resurgence of Savile Row is due in no small part to the blending of timeless style with the bold approach of fashion – along with all its controversial nuances that divides opinion and ensures that no one person dresses the same. Now, more than ever, we are seeing Savile Row mix bold colours, voluminous cuts and extran…

The Knottery

Ultra-Slim Wallet

A re-imagined super-thin card-case style wallet crafted for the design conscious minimalist.

Reflective Wingtips

Walking in the city can be rough — so outfit yourself properly with these Cole Haan Waterproof & Reflective Wingtips ($280-$330). Available in Cooper Square and LunarGrand styles, the waterproof versions are seam sealed to keep water out, while the reflective versions feature panels of light-refracting material in between smooth leather. No matter which you choose, you can count on a subtle grey colorway accented with striking splashes of pink.

Luggage, Stirred not Shaken The Stabilist Aluminium case is inspired by the bespoke rifle case Globe-Trotter produced for the latest
James Bond film, SKYFALL, starring Daniel Craig. Limited to just 100 editions globally, this case is one of the most exclusive products in Globe-Trotter’s history. This slim line 26″ aluminium suitcase has been formed by hand in England, and features a telescopic sight handle which is a replica of the one used in SKYFALL. Internally, the case is beautifully finished with a diamond quilted Alcantara lining and commemorative internal plaque. This suitcase retails at £5,000 and is available now from the Globe -Trotter flagship Burlington Arcade store, and is also available to mail order. Please contact the store for more information or to place a mail order (click here)

Priming your Creativity

Priming your Creativity By Michael Michalko | Oct 04, 2012
Your creative thinking performance can be primed with certain images and pictures.
Experimental social psychologists have conducted numerous experiments that demonstrate how behavior and performance can be “primed” by showing participants certain objects and pictures. In one study, participants who were primed with pictures associated with business — such as briefcases, pens, pictures of people dressed in business clothes, commuter trains, and so on — became more competitive. The social psychologist Michael Slepian and colleagues at Tufts University noticed during a study on “bright ideas” that participants became more insightful and creative when they were primed with an exposed light bulb. 
In short, they found that even exposure to an illuminating light bulb primes creativity.
Primes have been reported to influence nearly every facet of social life. Yale University psychologist John Bargh  had college students unscramble se…

Countess Mara

Necktie Camera Strap

Necktie Camera Strap

Info on this strap

Chanel Handbag

Chanel - Spring/Summer 2013

Only Brown Belts

Founded in June 2011, by Kelvin Cheong, Only Brown is an online purveyor of men’s fine leather accessories.  Mr. Cheong distaste for the praise of black accessories led him to compile a collection of quality items from around the world in a myriad of shades of brown from dark to light and in between, and distribute them from his Singaporean headquarters.

I am proponent of brown, yes, even in town.

The number of brown shoes, belts, trousers and pretty much anything else you could think of outnumbers that of anything black in my collection.  Black is great for evening affairs of grandeur and gravitas, but it can be harsh and uninviting in most cases and has no life of its own.  Brown is the antithesis of black.  Brown comes in many hues and shades and carries a life of its own exclusive to the owner.  This is the only purveyor of fine leather accessories I’m aware of that is built solely on offering products in a certain color.

Recently I’ve had the fortunate of conversing with Kelvin …

The 8 Most Valuable Luxury Brands

Louis Vuitton is by far the most valuable luxury brand in the world, worth $23.577 billion—a 2 percent increase from last year's value—according to a new survey from brand consulting firm Interbrand. It was a good year for the luxury conglomerate. The company improved its digital experience and launched several apps, entered the fragrance market for the first time, and remained a blockbuster brand in China. It even got Michael Phelps to star in a steamy ad campaign. In addition to Louis Vuitton, seven other luxury brands made it onto Interbrand's annual list of the world's most valuable brands. Most experienced major growth, and there were two newcomers to the list. Interbrand takes into account brands' financial performance, role in influencing customer choice, and ability to command premium prices.
BRAND2012 RANK2011 RANK2012 BRAND VALUE ($millions)% CHANGELouis Vuitton1718$23,5772%Gucci3839$9,4468%Hermès6366$6,18215%Cartier6870$5,49515%Tiffany & Co.7073$5,15915%…