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Buckle Smartphone Charger

Belt Buckle Smartphone Charger

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If you are a heavy mobile device user like my dear friend and colleague Diana, you know that if you’re without the means of being able to charging your gadgets, it’s an utterly annoying time. There are probably a million different ways you can charge your devices, but if you forgot to bring it with you, it doesn’t really matter what you do because you won’t get more juice into your gadget regardless. All you’re left with is a gadget that stares at you with its black glossy screen, almost smiling at you just because it gets a chance to relax for a while. Yeah, the world has become obsessed with all the different ways we can connect to the Internet these days.

Soon there will be a way for you to seamlessly integrate a mobile device charger into your wardrobe. Yes, that is correct! It comes in the form of a little gadget called the Volt Buckle. It’s a new little nifty invention that was created to enable you to always bring your charger with you, without the excess number of gadgets and weight.

It was developed and created by the innovative people over at CaliBuilt and is not yet on the market. It seems they want to really make sure it is as good as it can get first, and they are now asking the public for help to come up with further improvements. So far, it caters to pretty much every single brand and model of smartphone. It is such a great way to never again have to worry about forgetting the charger at home if you are constantly on the go. I personally think it is a genius idea that I can’t wait to check out in real life.

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