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Who says a watch has to tell time?

Interesting concept of boiling something down to pure aesthetic form--this silicone bracelet is molded to look exactly like the Rolex Submariner.

Creative Confidence

David Kelley's TED Talk, click here

Is your workplace divided into "creatives" versus practical people? Yet surely, David Kelley suggests, creativity is not the domain of only a chosen few. Telling stories from his legendary design career and his own life, he offers ways to build the confidence to create... 

David Kelley’s company IDEO helped create many icons of the digital generation -- but what matters even more to him is unlocking the creative potential of people and organizations to innovate routinely.

As founder of legendary design firm IDEO, David Kelley built the company that created many icons of the digital generation -- the first mouse, the first Treo, the thumbs up/thumbs down button on your Tivo's remote control, to name a few. But what matters even more to him is unlocking the creative potential of people and organizations so they can innovate routinely. David Kelley's most enduring contributions to the field of design are a methodology and culture of…

Giorgio Armani

The Future of Armani
Giorgio Armani single-handedly built a billion-dollar brand his own way, but where does his empire go from here?
By ALESSANDRA GALLONI - Wall Street Journal Magazine
It was Giorgio Armani's obsession with health that led to his brush with death. For 10 days in May 2009, Armani, one of the most influential fashion designers and entrepreneurs of our time, lay in a hospital bed with what he describes as "a very serious" case of hepatitis. The cause of his illness wasn't the stress that comes from juggling a global empire of clothes, accessories, furniture, cosmetics and real estate. It was the supplements. Then 75 years old, he was drinking them every morning in a small glass as he hit the gym. "My doctor told me: Get rid of all this shit you're drinking," Armani recalls.
Armani won't say exactly what he was taking, only that the substance poisoned his liver. Why he was taking it, however, is clear: The house Armani has built is a refl…

Randa Fun Facts

·Consumers purchase 100 men’s fashion accessories from Randa, every minute. That’s 6,000 items an hour, 144,000 units per day, every day.
·Randa has sold over 1 billion ties, enough to lasso the moon. Twice.
·In 2012, Randa will deliver more than 20 million leather belts.
·Randa is the #1 or #2 supplier in our classifications to 14 of the 15 largest apparel retailers and with our new leather goods factory we will penetrate the fifteenth later this year.

LED technology and design

LED technology has allowed designers to create lighting products that no longer have to conform to any familiar shape. This lamp that was scrap wood in a past life:
"When the designers at RUX finished a recent wood-based project, their workshop was littered with leftover wood scraps and offcuts, everything from Maple to sun-bleached Ipe salvaged from the Coney Island boardwalk. Instead of tossing away the bits and pieces, they decided to make it a design challenge to come up with a product that not only made use of the leftover materials, but made it a central part of the final design. The result is the Stickbulb lamp, a skinny LED light housed inside the wooden scraps that can be painted and joined in a variety a ways.

The Bang series joins three sticks together with a steel 'knuckle' or joint - a fresh take on the tripod lamp. It comes in three sizes, Little Bang, Middle Bang and Big Bang. The Torch is a floor lamp made up of just one stick that juts through a w…

Meet Andrew Rosen

Andrew Rosen Article

As the CEO of Theory and Helmut Lang and an investor in on-the-rise New York labels like Rag & Bone, Alice + Olivia, Gryphon, and now Proenza Schouler, Andrew Rosen occupies a unique and uniquely powerful perch in American fashion. If he didn't invent the concept of the contemporary market, he's probably made more at it than anybody else. With sales set to exceed $700 million, Theory is on track to its biggest year ever. On June 4, he'll be recognized for his accomplishments with the CFDA's Founders Award, which is given in honor of Eleanor Lambert, who established the trade organization half a century ago, when Rosen's father, Carl, was himself a captain of the American fashion industry. Two weeks shy of the Awards, sat down with the third-generation garmento in his Meatpacking District headquarters to discuss family, the future, and the changing face of luxury.

Andrew Rosen Article

Match your nails to your flip flops!

Design Your Own Earbuds

f you cannot find a pair of headphones that visually meets your needs from Kotori’s more than 100 variations, you may have more serious problems than just the lack of cool audiowear.

However, if you just don’t like any of the suggested colour combinations, you can easily design your own by selecting the colour of each of the 10 components, or just hit shuffle and see what happens randomly.

In the appealing Japanese style that it both cute and sleek in its rounded friendliness and minimalist functionality, Kotori headphones have a yummy sensibility that makes you want to choose several pairs at once. Each of the seven pre-set themes – pop, sweet, cool, vivid, natural, animal, and delicious – has 15 variations.
These headphones will likely add a few problems to your life, though: They are so cool that you will forever be telling everyone where you got them AND you will have to keep a close eye on your Kotoris as your design-hungry friends will want to borrow them.Design Your Own Earbuds

Vintage Denim Bowties

Italian Denim Bow Ties - Click Here

Classic with Denim Soul
Untitled presents the first bow ties denim collection: Vintage Wash, Stone Wash, Bleaching and details from denim world. Firenze, April 13, 2012, Untitled shows man classic bow ties with raw soul. Washed and stoned denim fabrics hand-crafted in Italy. The project starts from Federico Batelli’s idea, 35 years old polyvalent designer and from Annalisa Petroni creative  experience in textile area. Untitled is an exclusive project that will be distribuite in Italy, Germany, Holland and Spain.

Summer Suits

Summer Suits - Click Here

THAT time of year is upon us: the sticky season, when the only suit a man can get excited about has one of two words in front of it: “swim” or “birthday.”

Multimedia Slide Show A Cooler, Lighter Summer Suit Submit Your Photos: Suits Preppy in Forest Hills So some of the recent goings-on in the world of men’s attire seem strangely unseasonal. First, the relentlessly fashionable online retailer Mr Porter is staging a huge suit initiative starting June 6 to coincide with the new season of “Suits,” the television show about two scheming lawyers whose closets are stocked with the aforementioned garments as well as a skeleton or two. There will be a pop-up shop, a fashion show on the High Line, a choreographed appearance of men in suits on bicycles tearing all over town, an iPhoneapp to play Dapper Dan on, and God only knows what else — but it will involve suits. Just last week, the up-and-coming men’s wear designer Todd Snyder opened a special shop of his practical-…

Six Myths of Product Development

HBS: Six Myths - Click Here for Article

Most product-development managers are always struggling to bring in projects on time and on budget. They never have enough resources to get the job done, and their bosses demand predictable schedules and deliverables. So the managers push their teams to be more parsimonious, to write more-detailed plans, and to minimize schedule variations and waste. But that approach, which may work well in turning around underperforming factories, can actually hurt product-development efforts. Although many companies treat product development as if it were similar to manufacturing, the two are profoundly different. In the world of manufacturing physical objects, tasks are repetitive, activities are reasonably predictable, and the items being created can be in only one place at a time. In product development many tasks are unique, project requirements constantly change, and the output—thanks, in part, to the widespread use of advanced computer-aided design and si…

Baseball Wallets

COACH BASEBALL GLOVE WALLETS Have an unusual love of baseball and repurposed vintage goods? Then get ready to throw down for one of theseCoach Baseball Glove Wallets($350). Crafted from 70-plus-year-old vintage baseball gloves — each wallet consists of roughly 1.5 gloves — these stylish wallets are limited to just 200 pieces, and due to their vintage nature, each one will be completely unique, making them every bit as collectible as that foul ball you caught on your last trip to the ballpark.


Stalward Ties
Skip the menswear store and add a proper splash of style to your business wardrobe with Stalward Ties ($64). Handmade and hand stitched in a family-owned Chicago factory using the finest fabrics available, these handsome ties are available in a range of colors, styles, and fabrics, and each one features a loop constructed from surplus army gas lamp wick for an added bit of vintage charm.

Music to Cook By

In a world of extreme visual stimulation, pure audio still has the power to inform and inspire. The dining reporter Jeff Gordinier recently interviewed a handful of New York City chefs who depend on music as such a pivotal part of their creative process that they would feel adrift in the kitchen without it. As part of the reporting process, The Times asked 10 culinary creators to give us five songs they couldn’t cook without. Multimedia producer Jacky Myint created a simple and elegant page to house their playlists and to allow users to sample the music. And for the more visually inclined, multimedia producer Catherine Spangler produced a nice piece of video of some of the chefs in action and the music that keeps them moving.

NY Times Music List for Cooks

Three Rules for Innovation Teams

Three Rules for Innovation Teams Thursday March 29, 2012 by Harry West
Our business at Continuum is design and innovation (if you've used a Swiffer or pushed a new Target shopping cart, you've encountered us), so naturally we are always looking for ways to innovate how we innovate. Three refinements to our team approach are making a difference: actively managing creative friction; making project rooms the focal point of the work environment; and pushing as much creativity into commercialization as into conceptualization. Follow these rules, and you'll see a dramatic difference in your own team's ability to innovate:

Connect anything to the Internet...

This Is How You Will Connect Everything in Your Home to the Internet
The guys who brought you the iPhone and Gmail now want to connect your washing machine, light switch, and just about any other electric device you can think of to the Internet. Get ready to be amazed. Click Here

Hermes Belt Hangers

Ed Turner and I saw these hangers last week in Milan... Price tickets and product information were tucked into a small slot on the back of the hanger. djk

Watch Out!

Wristwatches that help screen your messages and more...A watch that displays texts, weather, twitter & caller ID all in one quick glimpse of the wrist.

The Customer is King

Catering to Today’s Consumer WWD By KATYA FOREMAN and JOELLE DIDERICH The customer is king.
That retail mantra has never been more true than in the age of the Internet as shoppers — many of them wielding smartphones — are forcing retailers to play by their rules, delegates at the Global Department Store Summit earlier this month in Paris heard.

Pantone Color Forecasts?

Pantone Article Are Pantone Color Forecasts Accurate?
Click the link above to read the article.

Dart board, crystal ball, science, or wishful thinking?

4 Ways to Kill a Good Idea

Fear, Delay, Confusion, Ridicule... Don't let this happen to your idea at Randa. Be heard, be open, imagine what's next. DJK

Augmented Reality - Glasses

Google Glasses - Way Cool. I want a pair right now... djk

Click here for amazing YouTube Video - Google Glasses Video

Google Glass Project

As you can see in the video below or on the Project Glass Google+ page, this new wearable technology will basically consist of a pair of clever glasses which contain a display, a camera, a microphone, and everything necessary to make some sci-fi fantasies come true. (But keep in mind that the Project Glass designs are simply ideas, not final products at this point though.)

So what will you do with a pair of these strange glasses?

Well, you might wake up, slip on your Google glasses and set some calendar alerts before looking up directions to your first meeting of the day. While walking to your destination, you may pause to snap a photo of a funny sign (which you instantly share with your friends via a social media service of your choice) or find a coffee shop. Later you could start a video-chat with a friend and show him or her your current view.

And you…

Got Silk?

Got Silk? It's not just from worms; try spiders and goats, too.

Apparently, you don’t need Kevlar to stop bullets. Human skin combined with spider silk-infused goat milk can do the job just as well. Dutch scientists recently brought this combination to life, pushing the limits of science. The project is called “2.6 g 329m/s” which is the standard weight and velocity that a Type 1 bulletproof vest can protect against - DJK

If Customers Ask for More Choice, Don't Listen

What are our Randa thoughts on this topic?

If Customers Ask for More Choice, Don't Listen

In his provocative book The Paradox of Choice, Barry Schwartz's warns that giving consumers more product choices actually lowers their purchase satisfaction. Schwartz reasons that having too many options makes us fear missing out, which causes anxiety, analysis paralysis and regret.

If you plan to rob an Internet cafe remember to log off Facebook first... DJK

Two men rob Internet cafe, forget to log out of Facebook prior to robbery
Sent from iDavid

Audi e-bike

Audi e-bike boasts on-board computer with touchscreen display
Sent from iDavid

Jamming for Creativity

Like great Jazz, creativity stems from encouraging talented people to think “outside of the box,” to allow for, even stimulate, unproven ideas within a framework of loose structure.  As my colleague John Kao states: “Creativity flows from Jamming.”

Is this Hover Car easy to park?

100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design

100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design

Click here to read article

100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Designby From visual puns to the grid, or what Edward Tufte has to do with the invention of the fine print. Design history books abound, but they tend to be organized by chronology and focused on concrete -isms. From publisher Laurence King, who brought us the epic Saul Bass monograph, and the prolific design writer Steven Hellerwith design critic Veronique Vienne comes 100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design — a thoughtfully curated inventory of abstract concepts that defined and shaped the art and craft of graphic design, each illustrated with exemplary images and historical context. From concepts like manifestos (#25),pictograms (#45), propaganda (#22), found typography (#38), and the Dieter-Rams-coined philosophy that “less is more” (#73) to favorite creators like Alex SteinweissNoma BarSaul BassPaula Scher, and Stefan Sagmeister, the sum of these carefully constructed pa…